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Week in Review: October 29th

Project Creator (Quick) Tip: Hyperlinks

99.9% of the internet uses hyperlinks.  They let you create a link like this instead of like this: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/11084.  The obvious benefit is that with the hyperlink, someone with even the slightest curiosity can go to your link with a click of the mouse and without the hyperlink they have to copy and paste the url into a browser.

This is most commonly found as an issue in projects that have video content.  I often see phrases like:

       Check out a video of my project here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjE7SUuamD4

When they could be saying

       Check out my video here!

Which do you think is going to get the most click troughs?  If that video or link is going to get you supporters you have to make it easy for the audience.

How do you create Hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks are incredibly simple to write, just follow this example:

<a href="link">display text</a>

Whatever you type in the quotes for href="" will be link that the hyperlink will go to.

Whatever you put in between > and </a> will be the text that shows up.

So writing <a href="http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/11084">Corellian Defender</a> in your project would create the hyperlink Corellian Defender which will go to http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/11084 when clicked.

Note that you cannot type a hyperlink (or any html) into a comment on a project.  This is to protect Cuusoo users from scripting attacks (which is a much larger topic and one unrelated to Cuusoo).  So I cannot explain to people how to use hyperlinks in their projects....so I am doing it here.

Pick of the Week

Gatchaman II ; G-Force Battle of the Planets
by Nickgreat

Support Level: 37

This projects is a fantastic combination of great vehicle design and amazing minifig customization.  Those helmets are works of art in my book.  The breadth of the designs work accomplished by one person is very impressive.  I have not seen that much Gatchaman but I don't need to to appreciate these designs.

Honorable Mentions

HONDA CBR1000rr REPSOL version
by Oryx

Support Level: 134

This bike is gorgeous and a fantastic recreation as well.  There is so many fine little details and I especially love the use of the windscreen for headlights.  A lot of really advanced technique is on display here.  My olny problem is the stickers.  I don't really care fore them.  They look amazing here but that is a lot of work to get them in just the right spot, and in this case there are even some stickers going around studs, which I don't think TLG has ever done before. 

Superman Fortress of Solitude Microbuild
by Brickqueen

Support Level: 29

This is a great little idea.  I don't think a full size Fortress would appeal to me as much as a small one that I could put on my desk or shelf.  I do think that it could gain a lot by having a light brick build into the base so that it glows.  For those "golden age" fans, this set could also use a Lego key.

Also something about Minifigs with small builds just appeals to me, like the new Planets line and my own Ur-Quan Masters project 

AVATAR Scorpion gunship
by Alkido

Support Level: 69

This is fantastic build and could easily have been my pick of the week.  The detailing is amaing.  The techniques used are quite advanced, and its dedication to the original is superb.

The only reason I did not make this my pick of the week is that the IP is on shaky ground.  A PG-13 rating is skirting the line with TLG, especially in a film with active gun violence.  It has been a while since I have seen the movie but that is my gut instinct.  (Now I am going to get an email about all the inappropriate material in Gatchaman ;) )

I don't wholly agree with the opening statement that it is "the most accurate possible reproduction of the AT-99 Scorpion gunship from Avatar's movie."  For instance, would not printing on the windscreen make it more accurate?   Those kind of statements are dangerous on projects as they might turn people off.  I recommend not saying that kind of stuff in a project at all.  Any one who looks at is can see its amazing for themselves.   

Week of Cuusoo 


HONDA CBR1000rr REPSOL version
by Oryx

Support Level: 134
AVATAR Scorpion gunship
by Alkido

see my description above

Support Level: 69
Marble Run
by Peterjschmid

see my description above

Support Level: 62

This is a great rendering but  I am confused on a very specific point...What force would get the ball to go ALL the way to the first slope?  Even if there is an initial slant in the drop zone the marble would have to get through two long paths and 3 90 degree turns before it gets its next gravitational pick me up.  In my experience, most marbles would have run out of steam by then.

 This seems more like a very cool aqueduct than a marble run.  Not to mention the enormous amount of parts that would have to be fabricated to make this possible.  I have seen some great designs that would not require any new parts at all.  That being said, I would really like to have some of the proposed parts for other purposes entirely. 

Greek Temple
Support Level: 43

Support Level: 33
Support Level: 23

The Midnight Moon Express
Support Level: 13
Support Level: 12

Balloon-powered sets!
Support Level: 11
LOTR Boromir's Last Stand
Support Level: 11
LEGO Batman: Robin's Bike
Support Level: 9

Plant City Rail Depot
Support Level: 8
Space Rose
Support Level: 7
The Drow Adventures
Support Level: 6

Lego Wheel loader
Support Level: 4
The Fortress of Roman Legion
Support Level: 4

Support Level: 4
LEGO Land Rover Pickup
Support Level: 2
Samsung Stand
Support Level: 1

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