Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: Days to 1k

 Project Plug

Model of Hogwarts Castle
by Scorpius

I used to do a pick of the day every day.  Then there was a drop off in the number of projects coming in so I went to weekly.  It works better form my schedule anyway so fair trade I guess.  Regardless, this gem showed up yesterday and it is so gorgeous I had to share it early.  Great work Scorpius.

Days to 1k

Everyone knows that 10k is the really important support level, but 1k is also a critical milestone.  At a support level of 1k Cuusoo starts taking an active interest in your project.  The outward effect is an official note from the Cuusoo staff usually with a short statement about what they like about the project.  Internally the staff of Cuusoo are doing a mini-review of the project that will either allow the project to continue or terminate it and potentially many other projects. 

Although the process has not been fully documented like the final review, it is apparent that there is a check on license availability and brand fit.  This is always very informative.  For instance, we can assume that TLG is open to Pokemon sets in general because they gave Pokemon: Gyarado a 1k statement of approval.  This is in no way a pass for all the other Pokemon projects, like LEGO Pokémon, but if TLG decides they don't care for an IP, or it is already tied down, they will begin to archive related projects at this point and stop allowing the publication of related projects.  This happened with Mario Brothers and it is assumed that it will happen with the Doctor Who projects that persist on Cuusoo.

Note that this official comment does not occur immediately at 1k.  It appears the process starts when a project reaches 1k and ends when Cuusoo has an opinion.  This can take a considerable amount of time.    
Currently there are 52 projects with more than 1000 support making up less than 1.5% of the total Cuusoo catalog of active projects.  


Don't like how slow a project is going? 

Give it some indirect support to help speed things up.  This link has plenty of examples how.

Star Wars Opee Sea KillerPepaquin0.97 10
Transforming Retro Video Game AccessoriesVonbrunk3.87 11
Ancient World CivilizationsMatija2.12 18
LEGO PokémonKevinhink6.51 38
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GrandsportSheepo2.16 39
UCS All Terrain Armoured TransportCavegod1.64 40
Medieval Market StreetAlexp2.12 46
Desktop Series: Sky-FiRongyiren3.09 47
Legolympus (Mythology Theme with Mount Olympus Set)Kiffington2.49 53
MINECRAFT Microworld Add-Ons!Dunc2375.58 67
the Rhinoceros by Theo JansenKvanb0.82 68
Portal Test ChamberT-brick1.0 72
Motorized TumblerMahj2.01 92
Corellian Defender (Star Wars the Old Republic)Glenbricker3.02 99
LEGO UCS TARDIS and other Doctor Who setsXenomurphy1.38 102
Female Minifigure SetAlatariel2.12 117
Roller CoasterLuc20001.53 123
Modular Costume Store for Collectible MinifiguresBrentwaller1.49 130
Majestic Airship!Ssorg1.86 135
New Parts design for SNOT 2-sided stud (+inv)(+stud only for Brick2Plate, B2B, P2P)Nachapon0.78 139
RMS TitanicSsorg2.27 153
ARAK-N3Mahj1.6 170
LEGO Minecraft Board GameOrcaman42.08 174
LEGO WALL-E!!Suzuki1.41 181
Wild EncountersWrinkledog0.93 194
Micro-build Hogwarts CastleBekindrewind1.19 196
Adventure Time! Tree FortDunc2372.79 211
Log Cabin - Two Seasons!Ssorg2.01 224
NASA Deep Space Habitat and RoverBrianr88110.97 228
HindenburgJjottens1.04 245
UCS Venator-Class Star DestroyerJourianbax2.01 248
Star Wars Season 4 Phase 2 Clone Battle PacksZspace2.14 262
UCS Naboo Royal StarshipAnio0.93 263
MINI Cooper Mark ISheepo1.23 267
Marvel Avengers Board GamePekko2.01 272
Micro Power Functions (motors, battery, valve, LED)Midori0.93 276
Camper Van ForeverNuno25001.23 278
Themed Brick BoxOdd.robot1.04 282
Porsche 997 GT3Crowkillers1.6 282
Star Wars Universe PacksBorex1.9 286
- MegaMan Project -Alatariel2.46 287
Kashyyyk-Gunship 7676 UCS - Custom Star Wars 3d_predator1.71 297
RancorDaiman0.63 299
Mini BatmobileTiler1.27 300
MLB Stadium Kits (like this one created by Jason Burik)Gusramsey0.71 306
Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone)Gtrocks11112.08 309
Avengers IRONMAN gantrymachine2.0Choisanghun1.68 319
Lego minifigures in action figure boxes! A new way to collect!Gruntbuddy1.53 321
UCS Tron Light CycleAbathar61.15 327
IRON MAN gantrymachineChoisanghun1.49 331
Dragon SlayersLizardman0.48 367
Starcraft 2 Siege Tank - Remote ControlBasilfawlty1.15 382
Cinematic Minifigure SeriesSgtdisney551.04 387
LOTR UCS ArgonathShayd_DeGrai1.96 393
Dump Truck 10x4Designer_han1.3 397
MacrofiguresCrashsanders0.82 400
The Drake's Head InnAlexp0.78 427
LEGO Blade Runner SpinnerKaitimar0.74 437
Medusa's TempleStrider1.34 437
Minecraft, the NetherDookie1.15 439
Pipe OrganHidaka1.01 441
Star Wars Modular Buildings/LocationsAcpin0.93 442
Disney MinifiguresKeTi1.71 453
MonorailHidaka0.93 461
Star Wars - Star Tours Starspeeder 3000Hjr-holland1.38 466
Corner Candy Modular BuildingWaltzking0.86 468
Minecraft ChickenLegitimateal0.82 482
The Tumbler CollectionVelociraptor1.08 485
Ogre Mark V (Display Scale)Glenbricker0.56 495

Not on the List? First, I tend to cut off projects after a certain day count, usually 10k.  Additionally, I only monitor projects that have at least 200.  Projects less than that are a little too volatile for proper assessment.  Finally, I track several weeks worth of data to get these numbers, so you might not show up until your project has been post 200 for a few weeks.  

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