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Week of Cuusoo: November 26th


New Official Cuusoo Tutorial Video

There is a new tutorial video posted here.

Female Minifig Sets continues to top the charts 


Female Minifig set is taking its second week at the top of the support rate charts.  It is a really great set and worthy of the attention.  Personally I think the builds are fantastic even if you don't agree with the message.

It you need more proof that Alatariel is a great Lego artist outside of the project's  message then you need look no further than her MegaMan project. 
Man project.

I think the irony of her juxtaposed project tiles is hilarious by they way.

 Space Marines Achieves 10k in time for the Deadline


Space Marines achieved 10k last week.  This last couple of months it has not been a question of if but when.  Thanks to an influx of support from Lego fans (Likely Brickset readers) the project made it to 10k well before the December 3rd deadline.

Space Marines is only the second project, without an existing IP, to achieve 10k.  Assuming no other projects reach 10k in the next day, Space Marines will share the review period with only one other project, Purdue Pete.   

Ambulance Type III pulls a third with the Brickset Bump


Following an article in Brickset, the Ambulance Type III by Spaceysmoke came in third most supported for the week.  

This project mingles accurate recreation, clever technique, and highly playable interiors.

The Ambulance Type III project is also distinguished as the most supported emergency vehicle on Cuusoo.    
project creator is a true Lego artist then I suggest you take a look at her mega man project.

I have published my first, of I hope many, articles on Brickset this week.  It can be found here.  

Pick of the Week

This week my first and second choices just so happen to match the Cuusoo user base. 

HammerHead Gunship
by Tgbdz

This week is bittersweet.  I love this design.  It is fantastic with its combination of smooth curves and heavy angles.  On top of that the design is novel and it does not seem like something you might see coming out of the standard Lego line.   Plus, as I stated early this week, I am weakness for anything with a hammerhead motif.

So why bittersweet?  Well, it is based on a Warhammer 40k.  Due to its inherent violence and mature themes, Lego is not likely to see a brand fit with Warhammer and from what I hear Games Workshop does not license out its properties either.

Regardless I supported this project.  Doesn't have a chance at all but heck, you never know unless it gets to 1k.  1k is when Lego does a brand fit review.  So if nothing else, a vote for this project will result in a better understanding of Cuusoo's boundaries.    

Honorable Mentions

Three Bed Two Bath Suburban Home With Two-Car Garage
by Jaystepher

In this project Jaystepher is attempting to honestly recreate a house.

What do I mean by "honestly"?  Well, I just finished building a Winter Village Cottage.  Its a fantastic build with a lot of fun feature.  The cottage has a living room with a fire place, a fully stocked kitchen, and a upstairs bedroom.  What it does not have is a bathroom or a staircase to said bedroom (not to mention a missing wall)

Now, just like Bathrooms on Starfleet vessels, most people never miss these details.  This project represents an attempt to more accurately recreate a functional house.

So, if you want to see a see a set that embraces realistic home floorplans, this is the set for you.  Of course the tradeoff will be increased cost and a larger footprint, but nobody can have it all.

Battle Wing
by Wobblyb

Support Level: 6

I think the scale of this build is probably a bit too big for a final product but its has some clever features.  This large vehicle is a mother-ship which can deploy two aerial vehicles and a ground vehicle.   The concept is a strong one, I would love to see what Lego Designers would do with it.

I don't think this project, as it stands, has great chances.  With some work it has the novelty that can make it an interesting project.

Week of Cuusoo 

I put the cutoff at 4 support this week (so no project with less than 4 support is being displayed here).

HammerHead Gunship
by Tgbdz

Support Level: 43

see review above

Three Bed Two Bath Suburban Home With Two-Car Garage
by Jaystepher

Support Level: 32

see review above

BATMAN - Bat pod -
by Alkido

Support Level: 28

This is a great Batpod but it is also the 10th Batpod on Cuusoo.  Now, a project concept can be submitted any number of times and it is the first to 10k that matters, but in the end, it is a Lego Designer that makes the final product.

Only one Batpod, a UCS over-sided design significantly distinguishes itself from all the others in my opinion.  All the "standard" batpods would likely end up looking the same in the end. 

Support Level: 17

Jango Fett's Slave 1
Support Level: 13

Heavy Class interceptor
Support Level: 12

Medium Class interceptor
Support Level: 8
Dragon Ball Z
Support Level: 8
Star Wars Fatman
Support Level: 7

Battle Wing
Support Level: 6
Medieval Good vs. Evil Chess
Support Level: 5

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