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Light & Sound Ladder Truck
by Madphysicist

Recommendation and Review by: 1992pb 

I think it deserves recognition because of the great realism of the model: it's very similar to the original one, as it can be seen here.

 Although the fire vehicle is the children' toy for excellence, LEGO never realized fire vehicles built with big dimensions and accuracy, neither in the Model Team theme. Moreover, the blue emergency lights and the sound brick add even more realism and playability.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone)
by Gtrocks1111

Recommendation and Review by: wertyjj 

I found this project recently on Cuusoo and fell in love with it! It is the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone). This project needs to get to 10,000 supporters, but it has been on for a few months and is going rather slowly. This project is the first stage of most Sonic games and is kinda like minecraft, where as it is mini. If you could give this project an added boost in supporters and put it out there in the LEGO community it would be greatly appreciated!

Original Posting

by Buffoon

Recommendation and Review by: 4567 

Buffoon is a Korean Lego Cuusoo user who specializes in technic transforming robots. This model starts as a clean and normal dune buggy, and become a very nice robot. It has less than 300 views because no tags were added to the project, but I think it deserves more than that.

Original Posting

Rebel Snowspeeder
by Drakmin

Recommendation and Review: Drakmin

I've always felt Lego should have mechanically "correct" and working Star Wars models in addition to minifig type. Use of Technic creates manly sized model without millions of parts, I think large scale suits these iconic SW spacecraft. 100% Technic build is also a nice challenge because many seem to think Technic models can't be aesthetically pleasing. In general Lego has a way too few "non real world" Technic models, I need variation for yearly trucks and cranes ;D

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