Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Forklift & Speaker Box?

Pick of the Day

by Kisskaroly

Not much to say about this one but that is kinda the point.  Like an actual Forklift this set is function and to the point.

It is not overstated and gets the job done.  This build manages to straddle the borderline between realistic and "cute" which is where Lego thrives.  The Trans-orange bulb on the top is an excellent touch. 

Honorable Mention

Beach speaker!
by Drakmin

This is an odd one.  Certainly unique, no doubt there.  I like the idea of expanding the universe of electronics available in Lego...but I am not certain I totally "get it."  Yes they look pretty, but they don't look like Lego....not a single exposed stud...They remind me of some Glasses I saw at the "Glasses Store."  Did you know that Lego has licensed authentic glasses for adults?  Not a single stud though...just normal frames with the Lego logo on the ear "buds"....although it just occurred to me that the bars might be Lego standard diameter....I will have to check on that.

So, back to the project...
  • pretty: yes
  • unique: you betcha!
  • presentation: great!
  • functional: maybe?
  • better than a non-Lego solution: eeh?

Notable Series




Guest Review

by Buffoon

Buffoon is a Korean Lego Cuusoo user who specializes in technic transforming robots. This model starts as a clean and normal dune buggy, and become a very nice robot. It has less than 300 views because no tags were added to the project, but I think it deserves more than that.

Recommendation by: 4567

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