Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Killer Croc, a Box man, and some flying cowboys

I was hoping on sharing the Rook (one of my two favorite builds from Brick Fiesta) with you today but the Internet died at my house.  I am currently at a Coffee house posting this...and my photos of the Rook are at home.  You will just have to wait, but trust me...its totally worth it.

Pick of the Day

Batman: Killer Croc's Lair
by Brickqueen

This is a very clean, together set.  In fact I like this set a lot more than the original Killer Crock set, which has Croc in his own vehicle...something not prone to happen in the comics/cartoons.  

I love the Sewer grate scene with Croc.  The Bat-boat looks sleek and unique, like something that could actually slalom though the sewers of Gotham.

My only issue with the set is we just had a hanging Robin in Dynamic Duo Fun House.  That is a bit of a quibble though and can be easily corrected.  Also, hero's hanging above their doom is a mainstay in Batman fiction and is much more appropriate for this set then the Fun House (IMO)

On a larger callout, I have always been bothered by the Killer Croc fig.  Batman's Cowl is larger than most headgear....and Croc is "Bald" even though KC is HUGE, his Lego fig is tiny by comparison.  Not anything The Brick Queen can do anything about though. 

When the Lego designers get their hands on this I imagine they would reduce the part count on the sewer wall and probably reinforce the flick fire missile holder.  Also for economics, I imagine the two Crocodile figs would end up the same color. 

The fig count is also quite acceptable for a legitimate set.  3 is a valid count for this scale especially with one being "very common", the second one being common, and only one rare.  The only question for the Croc fig is whether or not  green minifig heads are currently in rotation.  

Honorable Mention

Danboard (Danbo ????) LEGOMAN
by Chiukeung

This figure shows a lot of intelligent techniques.  I can't help but like it.  Don't know much about the original source material might be inappropriate for the 11 crowd.

I just like this one a lot

Outlaws of the Air (a mashed-up history of the Old West)
by Rodiziorobs

I love steam-punk, and something about this set just nails it for me.  A fresh concept with a fun Moc

Ships by Creator7734

Honorable Mentions

Guest Review

Rebel Snowspeeder
by Drakmin

Guest Reviewer Drakmin

I've always felt Lego should have mechanically "correct" and working Star Wars models in addition to minifig type. Use of Technic creates manly sized model without millions of parts, I think large scale suits these iconic SW spacecraft. 100% Technic build is also a nice challenge because many seem to think Technic models can't be aesthetically pleasing. In general Lego has a way too few "non real world" Technic models, I need variation for yearly trucks and cranes ;D

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