Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mini Damn Heros: Firefly Minifigs

Firefly Figs
This is a project of my own design, being an homage to the crew of the Serenity. 

If you really need me to explain who these characters are then you are a tremendously lucky person, because that means you get to watch Firefly for the first time (Now go watch Firefly then come back!).

For everyone else, I hope these recreations are acceptably accurate to please.  

The only figure that is not customized is Inara.  She wears a completely different outfit each episode!  I finally decided that when I get around to it I will make her black and red outfit with gold necklace from "Trash". 

River is depicted in her outfit from Bushwacked (sorry, no post holer).

Firefly Figs
I call this piece "Sudden but Inevitable" it is the primary control station of the Serenity.  Along with Wash and his two "dinosaurs".

Firefly faithful elements:

  • Complex geometry cockpit
  •  Dinosaurs! 
  • Mug
  •  The two "desk lights" 
  • The interpersonal video coms
  •  the keyboard 
  • Recessed blue view screens
  •  The two screen panel with a camera in the middle that Mal uses to call people.
  •  The yellow cables that run along the back "right" of the cockpit and in the middle of the core console (represented by gold rod and tile with cables) 
  • The round "sensor dish" all the way to the left. 
  • A control stick that can easily rotate.
I need to add a "pack" to the end of the control station. There is a leather satchel on the console that I have overlooked to this point.
Firefly Figs

Here is a simple depiction of the "back" of the cargo bay, along with the wheeled mule and some cargo. Looks like Mal has some nutritional/immunization bars!

Firefly Figs
This is a work in progress I call "The Heart of Serenity" 

True to show elements:

  • Bronze bowl at the front
  • Four "wings" 
  • Tubes
  • Removable catalyzer!
This build also has an element that comes out the back of the casing that allows you to spin the engine. 
I intend to add a few other elements to this like Kaylee's hammock...It is a lot harder to make a good lego hammock that you realize...go ahead and try...its really hard. 

Also, I was just watching "Trash" again at ATX...and do shin wha!  (or whatever) I just realized that the case of the engine slides open...well, now I gotta do that!  

Firefly Figs
This is the Mess of the Serenity.  Done in MLcad.  Not sure if or when I will get around to building it, but I have recreated it as accurately as I can with the videos and pictures available.

If there is a lot of interest I will look into making instructions and part list for these.


  1. Hi, enjoyed the post a lot. Wondering if I could use the image on another site with a link pointing back to this page?

    1. Please do! I should post new images of the mess hall though