Friday, May 25, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.05.24

Clock Tower

by ErgnDemirsoy

This is an "Architectural" set based apparently on the a clock tower in Turkey's Izmur Clock.  This set is visually striking but is more of a first-order approximation of the actual tower. This set only uses bricks and slopes so it cannot present the fine details on the actual clock...which also happens to be a creamy color instead of red.

Here is a comparison photo from Wikipedia:

I picked this projects mostly on three merits

  • It is visually striking
  • It has a fascinating "castle" feel that though blunt just kinda calls out to me.  
  • I think the source material could make for a very good Lego set


Honorable Mention

Waves of Joy!

by phycodurus

This is more of a clever mechanic then a project. Basically as the Wheels turn they spin the worm gear with turns the small gear which rotates the technic arm in a circle.  The interesting part is that while it is rotating in a circle...the Wheels are moving that arm forward.  So its spinning and moving forward at the same time.  

The project suggests, and here is the hard part, that if a writing implement were on the rotating arm, one that was able to reach the surface that is, that it would draw a sine wave.  

This is actually pretty common in toys If you recall any rolling toy that had some mechanical feature, like a waddling tail perhaps.  


Why I didn't pick...

The Nightmare Before Christmas

by StefanS

This is a beautiful art piece...but that is all it is really.  It is, I must image, very fragile and totally dependent on build methods that have never, to my knowledge been used in actual sets.  

It is very common for MOCers to us the Lego minifig hand to add special details to their works.  Jack here, as presented absolutely requires them to function.  The hip joint, from the depiction only appears to be holding together though the tension of the minifig hands on the mechanical claw (part 48729b).  It even uses kinked tubing to create an Jack's elbow....and Finally...there is the Moon...its a critical element of the picture as it showcases Jack and the Crazy vine..and that moon is not Made of Lego.  That is probably my weakest argument but I have to call it as I see it.

This display I mostly see as an art piece that uses Lego but in such an abstract way that it un-becomes Lego.  


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