Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.05.31

Lots of decent projects today but only one really stood out.
Pick of the Day
Porsche 997 GT3
by Crowkillers

This is the second project (and black car) from Crowkillers.  It has a lot of nice features like:
  • Rear wheel drive with Rear Mounted Flat 6 cylinder engine
  • Transmission with 6 Forward Speeds.
  • "Hand Of God" with working in car steering
  • 4 wheel Independent suspension
  • Opening Doors, Hood, and Rear
Personally I really like the headlights element with the flexible axle

Honorable Mention
EVE Online Ships - UCS Reaper
by Tuskano

The Reaper is an EVE Online Ship.  It is very very large and the details are very impressive.  Unfortunately I am not sure that its scale and structure can translate well into actual brick.  It stands impressive as a MOC but I doubt that it will be picked up by Lego even if it gets the votes...or at the very least it will be descaled dramatically.

I guess I should make public a few important facts on my preference of selection, since you are, if reading this, getting my interpretation of what is "cool" on Cuusoo.
  • Scale certainly has its place in Lego construction, but I am equally impressed with an artistically crafted moderate sized build as I am with a ginormous MOC.  The Larger a MOC is the less it is about artistry and the more it is about resources of time and money. Don't beleive me?  Well, Try making a Batman Logo that would be appropriate for minifig scale...Then try to make a life size Batman Logo, then get back to me.
  • I am always very suspicious of "spindly" Cuusoo MOCs that only exist virtually.  Gravity and mass is not a factor in LDD, Ldraw, or what have you.  It is entirly possible that this ship could not handle its own weight and that those forward towers may constantly fall off or the ship split in half. 
In the end however it is still an incredibly impressive piece of work and quite detailed, I will give Tuskano that.  I also salute the dedication he has demonstrated to the build.