Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.05.23

There was a cavalcade of great projects today.  It was certainly the hardest decision to date.  But here is my top pic and the honorable mentions

Project of the Day

Anakin's Mos Espa Quarters

by crvannorman

This is an amazing set.  It is as the name implies Anakin's Tatooine home from Episode 1.  I picked this project because of the creative artistry and the density of the great build.  It has appliances, shelves, drawers, and integrated equipment (check out the pick and pistol "hanging" from the ceiling!)..not to mention that it also folds up for a fantastic structure in itself.  

Crvannorman's C3P0 is also quite clever. 


Honorable Mention

Douglas DC-3

by Ssorg

Wow, just wow!  This aircraft is brilliant.  Ssorg is effectively a Cuusoo superstar.  Go check out his works.  If I recall correctly he even once had a fantastic Alien APC on Cuusoo...but that has disappeared for obvious reasons.   

This ship is massive with retractable landing gear, a removable top, and a slick bottom hinged door for passengers.  The detailing is rather epic.  

So, why isn't this the project of the day...well, it was a very hard decision...basically this DC3 is fantastic with plenty of great features...In the end though, I give the Anakin house a nudge more support because of the creativity involved.  This is not to say that Ssorg is not "creative".  I just know from my personal experience that MOCing something with profile drawings is a different process than MOCing a scene/object without and this detail sways me ever so slightly to the side of the Anakin House.  

Please Also check out


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