Monday, May 28, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.05.27

So, the great people at Cuusoo take days off just like everyone, apparently around the weekend.  The result is that once a week a LOT of projects come out at once.  I figure the only way to be fare is to have Two picks and three honorables. 

Pick #1

Tiny Trucks

by Robiwan

These are astounding!  Just take a look at how much craftsmanship is going into these babies!  There is even a crane.  Not to mention that these would go great with the statuette minifigs

Pick #2

LOTR: Minas Tirith Microbuild

by Shayd_DeGrai

Minas Tirith is an epic city from Lord of the Rings.  Shayd has managed to capture its grandeur in this MOC while keeping the scale surprisingly compact.  One of the best things about this moc is the variation.  With limited options for parts, Shayd manages to make each section of Minas Tirith look unique and eye catching. 

Honorable Mentions

BTTF - Hill Valley Courthouse



This is a very impressive design and even comes with alternate elements to represent different time periods within the BttF trilogy.  That micro DeLorean is much more impressive than a lot of the larger ones you see running about.  About the only thing it is missing is the "experiment" that Doc is working on.  This is another set that could benefit from use of the statuette figs (just saying ;))


Armor through the Ages

by Gomek

This is a really fun idea.  I was ecstatic to see the Black Falcon in the recent Jousting set and I can certainly see Lego green lighting this project if it gets the support.  Well, I take that back, I have no idea how complex it is for them to print on brick...and this is a lot of unique prints.  


Odeon Cinema

by Teunis

Although I find that Teunis used a lot of creative liberties on the final structure (relative to the photos provided) This a pretty astounding build.  Creative implementation is found throughout the build and they use color very well.  


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