Friday, June 1, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.06.01

So I have not made any projects for a while so this has come up but I have no intention of picking any of my own projects as pick of the day...however I will mention them in the same posting.

I have also added a project that is an expansion on a previous project which is well worth checking out. 

Pick of the Day
Making a hospital #2 Patient's bed
by lulee87
This is one of those tiny titans that I love so much. It is a joy to behold as an exercise in realistic reinterpretation with minimum element. This hospital bed has wheels, IV, chart, pillow, and whatever the heck those guard rails are!
This is just another great example that you don't need a lot of pieces or a huge display to make an impact

Honorable Mentions

These Honorables are all so varied, yet impressive that I could not decide.
Death Star II clock sculpture
by WWWally
I could take or leave the Clock element but this is a pretty clever, crafty little project. There is also a pinch of humor thrown in if you look at the content.

Irish Coffee House
by Lemurman
Modular buildings are the opposite of the "hospital bed gems.  They also seem to crop up every other day and are almost all of considerable quality.  The fact of the matter is that they are almost all beautiful and impressive but they all get lost in the noise of large, beautiful, impressive, expensive modular.
I like this one a lot though.  It has plenty of good internals.  Great looking coffee machines, excellent bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.  It actually looks like, though cramped, a place you could live in.

Micro Town
by TekEridani
This is a fun idea.  TekEridani seems to have put a lot of work into it and you should give it a look.

Personal Project

Best of Cuusoo Builder's Guide Semi-Annual E-book
by GlenBricker
Alright, this is one of those "non-Lego set" projects (I use the Tag "non-standard project" and I invite everyone with such projects to do so).
The result here is to create an e-book of Lego building instructions for great Cuusoo projects.
This would target not the 10K crowd but the really great, high quality projects that have plateaued before their time.  I do use two picture form my projects.
This will give MOCers a more realistic goal to shoot for and will showcase the silent amazing projects.

Project Expansion
The Landscaping Kit
by savatheaggie

A few days ago savatheaggie introduced his birch tree  garnering an honorable mention from me.  This is an expansion on that.


  1. Thanks so much for highlighting my Star Wars Death Star II wall/desk clock sculpture ( on your blog. I'm glad you like it, and I really appreciate your support. Thanks!

    I also just read several of your Cuusoo Analytics posts. They're an insightful analysis and very interesting to read. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, and Thank you for putting up some great content. I love the Storm Troopers in the Back.