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Crowd of the Week


Man I have let the side bars of this page get way out of hand.  I will be dedicating more time some upkeep and revamping of the page to improve well, the image.  Keep in mind this is a one person production though so I will be balancing that with code improvements (project trajectory, organization, self updates),  getting category views into the searches (very soon), suggestion systems (coming along with some interesting developments) and general blog writing.

I got a lot of great feedback from the volunteers I asked for for the suggestion system and I wanted to thank you all for reading what I have to say.

If you have any comments about the layout of the site or suggestions I would be glad to hear them.  You can respond to this posting or use the contact us link on the right.


Space 1889

Space 1889 is a classic RPG / Tactical Arial Combat game that is basically colonial era pulp adventures on the various planets of the solar system.  There is already in existence a new German version.  This kickstarter seeks to translate that version into English and to produce several additional adventures for the system.


Marble Tracks for your Fridge

As a parent, especially one who saves a lot of home geography for Legos it is easy to run out of space for fun-non-LEGO stuff.  I though this idea of Fridge Tracks was particularly brilliant as it allows you to make your Fridge (or any other surface that magnets can cling to) into a marble run.

Simple, elegant, fun idea and one that I am certain will become a product in one form or another. 


Austin is a pretty happening place for gaming and some industrious guys are trying to get another Tabletop Con off the ground with ChupacabraCon.
They intend to have "four hour gaming slots available throughout the convention, GMing opportunities, tournaments, a vendor/artist area, live performances and panels by some amazing special guests!"

The special guests include Steve KensonJamie Chambers, and Ernest Cline.

Pick of the Week

King Kong
by 8of5

I have a book of ideas I keep for future MOCs.  King Kong is one of the ones I keep coming back to but never quite getting around to.  I think he would look great hanging out with some Modulars, swiping at a plane.  I am actually suprised I have not seen one at a Con.  I am assuming it is just my limited expereince and not their lack of existence.

8of5 proves to me that the idea has merit.  Perfectly scaled and posable!  I just need to see if it can cling on to a structure to be totally sold but it has my support regardless.  The use of a inverted quarter dome at a 45 degree angle for the jaw is absolutely brilliant, event the stud notches add to the effect.  I think the only issue, which I am not sure could really be resolved, is that Gorillas have inset eyes while these seem to "bug out" from the face.  Still, awesome build.

Honorable Mentions

Jurassic Park: Triceratops Encounter

This is BrickQueen's second Jurassic Park project in as many weeks.  Again, a great set combo and proven winner for Lego of dino, figs, and vehicle.

True minifig scale vehicles are hard to make without looking "off"  (which was evident with the DeLorean),  but the jeep in this set concept looks great, with some fantastic features.  I love how the 1x2 with clips are used to surround the wheels.   The working doors and hatch are great features as well.  The hook on the front is a fun feature but I might be worried it sticks out too far as is.  I would like to see it recessed into the build a bit for my tastes.

All in all a great set and one that will help expand the "footprint" of her original project.

Antarctic Snow Cruiser

Bigboy99899 is one of my favorite Cuusoo creators.  They can range from technical to cartoonish and but all preformed with artistry, skill, and talent.

I saw this and immediately recognized it as assumed it as Bigboy99899 work but I was surprised because like me he is a modeller and this looks like a work of fiction!  But it is a real thing.  Wikipedia to the Rescue.

I thought it was fictional because I could not conceive of a way for the plane ("Eagle") to get on or off of the ground vehicle("Turtle) but it turns out that you just build a ramp out of snow...This is one of the things I love about Cuusoo, you never know what your are going to learn about.

Lego Morgan Three Wheeler
by saabfan

Although this uses the "forbidden severed hand technique" it is a fantastic fun build.  So much fun!

Modular System: Pirate Isle
by MA1983

Not the prettiest project I have put in the honor circle but this is a really great idea.  A pirate base in the same of a skull right out of some pulp adventure.  Make sure to check out the back to see platforms and such.  Also, I know the part count is huge but try to picture this re-imagined by Lego designers and what they could do with the idea.  


Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by DarthKy
DarthKy just keeps on going.  
BTTF - Doc Brown's GMC Value Van with small De
A fantastic MOC but it is my opinion that once a project has reached production that the ball is in Lego's court.   I can't believe that part of the production decision does not include some exploration into expandability of the line. 

Either the DeLorean sales are going to prove a market lucrative enough for Lego to double dip and they will move forward on their own or it will show that the single set supplied the market's need and their is no need to make additional sets.

The Natural History Museum - Creator Expert
Modulars tend to be a nebulous region on Cuusoo.  A lof of FOLs won't support them because they think they are too big, and will tell you so, repeatedly.  This is of course in the face of the fact that the Cuusoo staff continues to pick them in their staff picks.

The bigger problem is that Lego is effectively building a downtown with the Modulars, so if it is something that comes to mind easily, then it is probably on the short list of modulars that Lego has scheduled for the coming decade.  Museum, I speculate, is on the short list.   On the flip side, Modulars Lego would never think of are going to have a hard time getting the support levels they need for review or the market for a buisness case.

That being said, this Natural History Museum is very well done.  It has variations in the architecture at every level (a hallmark of a good Modular) with nicely designed displays internally.

This particular project has suffered a bit of a minor controversy in that it had a display on evolution included in it.  Some people took offense to this and the project creator politely removed the content. 

While this was the political move for dealing with those users, I don't think it was the smart one.  Tjspencer1 removed content that his supporters had already approved and supported due to the request of a non-supporter, people who have not turned around and supported his project after the edit was made I might add.  When creating a project decide on your target audience and build towards that audience.  Do not make sacrifices to your vision that do not expand your market or potentially sacrifices the support you have already been given.   If someone tells you your content is inappropriate, ask the Cuusoo staff.  Since they let your project on in the first place, chances are they think it is fine, but they do make mistakes sometimes, and we all know that Cuusoo is an evolving beast.  If nothing else it helps inform Cuusoo about the issues that the project creators are dealing with.

I will also add that it is very easy to offend someone on the internet.  My advice is to honest and polite, listen to what they have to say, but if you don't agree, stick to your guns. 

Eagle Eye ST-01e
One of the better space craft I have seen on Cuusoo
Microscale Mobile-Crane
by Hajdekr
Very well done crane with some clever parts usage
King of Offroad mark 2
When making your title image, make sure people can tell at a glance what your project is about.  This is all most people will ever see of your project.  
Westfalia Trailer for Volkswagen T-1 Camper #10220
by braaad
The "add on." There are actually several Cuusoo projects that are intended to expand an existing Lego set.  Despite how great or amazing or wonderful these projects are, they are all dead on arrival in my opinion.

The issue here is that there is only a brief window in which any set is in production.  So these sets are asking Lego to produce a set that only makes sense for a person to purchase if A) they already bought the set from Lego completing Lego's buinsess transaction with them or B) The person buys the set from a secondary market, which Lego does not derive profit from. 

So, while I can accept that this would look fantastic hitched to a Volkswagen T-1 Camper (10220) I think it is solidly in the realm of after market MOCing. 

Living Style: LEGO K-Cup Holder
HA!  Great job daikoncat.

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