Wednesday, August 28, 2013

With Friends Like These...

If you are coming from Brickset please forgive the double post but I really want to get this project out there. 
  This week, we are featuring a project based on the Friends line.  There are no where near as many friends builds as standard minifigs but they are certainly out there.

With Friends in Space, Builder42 showcases perfectly an aspects of my favorite projects on Cuusoo, stepping outside the box and preconceived notions of Lego or what we do with that Lego.

Builder42 has done an amazing job customizing these figures, reimagining them in an more action driven sci-fi perspective with a real anime feel, of course the Macross inspired flightsuits and helmets add that effect.
Even with the harder edge of these elements you can see it still works well with the standard Friends elements like this pink skirt.
The project also showcase quite well that pink and space craft can go together quite well.
When Lego produces the VF-1 (fingers crossed) I might just have to commission Builder42 to make me one of these amazing figures.
Also make sure to check out Builder42's Calamity Jane 2.  The other reason I am bringing you this project today is to showcase the importance of Tags.
I can't believe that both these projects would be lounging around in the SUB 100! range if people knew they existed and in Cuusoo, if you don't have the right tags, you are a blip on the radar and if you have NO tags, its like you don't even exits.
Tags are what drive web of interconnectivity on Cuusoo.  If you have no tags, you are basically sitting outside the network.

As a personal Plug, if ladies that kick butt is something you support, then please check out my own Legend of Korra project.  

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