Monday, August 26, 2013

Pick of the Day: Kerbal Space Program.

Pick of the Day

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal, I have not played it but I hear about it enough from my gaming group.  This is an ideal project:  Good fan base, active community, viable scale.  On top of that, its just so damn cute.

Very clever implementation of the Fez to create characters that are compelling and recognizable yet inexpesive to produce and inviting to the members of the Kerbal fanbase who might really like Kerbal but not want a full scale figures cutting into their budget.   


Honorable Mentions

Elven Dragon

Lizardman is one of the early guys on Cuusoo and they have been producing content for a long time.  He is one of the very rare Cuusoo creators to have taken an idea that is all there own, not even based on historical events and gotten it past 1000.  No Small Feat.

This is perhaps my favorite offering of his to date.  Those feet look amazing. and the ring around the neck is fantastic. 

Project: F-Zero X
by Zurtech

We get quit a few F-Zero projects but I think this one is my favorite to date.  Very well designed vehicles and figures.

Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) Marvel - The Ave
by DarthKy

Evergizer Bunny this guy is!  Hulk does seem a little small though. 

LEGO Star Wars Lars family's Tatooine house
by SHuN23

This is probably the best MOC I have ever seen of a boring boring place.  Really utterly fantastic, but what is the play value?  Moisture farming at its most exciting!

Correct me if I am wrong but what happened here was: Whining Luke, Driods Purchased, Droids cleaned....Everybody dead.

So, to reiterate, I want it absolutely clear:  I think this is a work of art.  It is irrational how awesome I think this design is.  If I saw it at a Con I would go all giggly with respect.  As a product though it is the doorstep to adventure, the remains that are burned away, the cocoon that is cast off and discarded for the butterfly to take flight.  Ultimately it is a graveyard.    

I am not saying that a product could not be made of this, but the scale of the build does not match the thematic nature of the establishment.  


Two-Face's Two-Faced Getaway Car
A fun design.
These builds are phenomenal but it is my understanding that such things are shortly to be produced.  Great work though none the less. 

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