Monday, August 19, 2013

Daily Cuusoo

Pick of the Day (Its back for the time being)

Lamborghini Aventador

Holy COW!  Check this baby out!  It's just stunning!  So much snot on a car never looked so good!  It is far from novel but the use of the flexible axel is great for thei purpose.

There are even some great interior seats! 


The Legend of Korra - Pro-Bending Arena
by TheNerd
Very nice.  Looks just like the "real" thing.  
Overlord Dragon
by Hprfire
Very well done dragon from Ninjago
2001 A Space Odyssey: HAL 9000
A Space Odyssey shows up every now and then in Cuusoo.  This one is pretty good but it relies a bit heavily on custom prints.  Nothing wrong with really just telling you how it is.  This project concept does use the Hazmat suit for the space suits which is one of those DUH! moments you see in a Lego MOC where its so obvious after the fact.

Refound Rebrick

A great build celebrating the Griswalds.  The car is not figure compatible but it is iconic and instantly recognizable to fands of the movie...or people alive in the 80's I guess really. 

Random barely connect pointless trivia of the day.  Johnny Galecki, Big Bang Theory's Leonard, is Rusty in Christmas Vacation. 

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