Thursday, August 22, 2013

Daily Crowd


Move over Sea Monkeys,  Dino Pets are going to eat your lunch!


This is a kickstarter to develop a product based on a bioluminescent dinoflagellates.  Since the "dinos" feed off sunlight upkeep is about a simple (or simpler) that caring for a house plant but when you seal it all up in a cute little package you get a biological night time buddy night light.

Pretty genius, literally.   


Pick of the Day

Baba Yaga and Her Chicken Legged Hut

I love folk lore and mythology.  The further it gets from the "classics" the more I love it.  Baba Yaga is up there with my favorites and this is a fantastic implementation of her iconic Chicken Legged Hut.
I doubt this project has a shot at 10k, but I will certainly do what I can for it.  


Castle Builders
I have come to accept that projects are posted that fly in the face of the likely on Cuusoo, but I am always baffled when there are projects whose actual concept is fundamental antithetical to Cuusoo's stated policy of one set per project.
In this case Gollum.Jones (Clever Avatar btw) is promoting a good idea (but one that is not new to Cuusoo) where you can get chunks of a castle in individual sets.  I mean, if this project were to get to 10k Cuusoo would ask them, what single set of the required series do you want produced?

Granted, by the time a castle project gets to 10k, all the rules might be different...
Bicycle Shop
If your build is type of shop, go all the way.  The only way you can tell this project is a bike shop is that there is a bike in it (and the project dialog of course).

Give it life, flavor, and style.  
Unimog Black Edition
by Hajdekr
There is some very nice greebling with this one.  Check it out.  
CJ7 Jeep
by Showard
This is a very detailed design.  It had a lot of value adds that you will only notice from looking at the project, for instance, there is an engine under that hood.
The Tumbler with The Dark Knight
by kaze21
I should really keep a running tally on the number of tumblers on Cuusoo. 
The June Bug
by Evora
A well done design for a beautiful car, the Maikäfer.

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