Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Project heading for 10k as the deadline comes down WITH CHARTS!

The Fall 2013 review starts Monday September 2nd (Lego Time Zone).  That means any project that is going to be reviewed starting then need to reach 10k on Sunday September 1st.

So far we have a record breaking collection of five projects in the review: ATLASFemale Minifigure Set, FTL, Poptropica and Ghostbusters (30th anniversary version).  It looks like we will have at least two more with a good chance of all three of the following projects.

The charts you see are their support over several days.  It is interesting (to me) to point out that Oz is one of the youngest projects to hit 10k, assuming it does so soon but an almost humorous set of lunges while Macross will be the longest running project to reach 10k by the time it hits the mark.

The Road to Oz

Each one of these bolts in support in in line with a posting from the Official Wizard of Oz facebook page.  Getting the word out to your audience is key to 10k

by TeeKay

Ghostbusters had a lethargic start (well before this was tracking it, but it has accellerated sharply in recent months.   

Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored parts
by maxvf1

Slow and steady, oh so slow, but with constant undeniable progress.  

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