Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Cuusoo

Pick of the Day

Jurassic Park

Jehoshaphat! This is build is crazy fantastic!  The car, the, figs, the gate, and the T-rex.

The Dino is brick build with a great combo of colors and look at the curve of that tongue.

This is an extremely high quality presentation as well with pretty much the best render I have ever seen.

Now, that being said, this is a virtual build.  I am not sure that the T-rex could balance as built or that its legs could support the build.  Senteosan has spoken up on this issue.  He intends to build the beast and indicates that the "knee joints and hip are actually very sturdy and the tale should balance weight of the head, it might need some support bricks under his legs. I will keep you up to date!"

Look closely at the skill here.  The front guard, the floating windshield to allow the perfect connection, the side mirrors! 

Look at this beast!  Why have you not supported the project yet!

Point of order, this is like the 4th Cuusoo project in three weeks!  Did I miss a memo? 


The Medical transporter ANGEL - Galaxy Command
Another fine vessel from the Galaxy Command collection.
Mantis religiosa
I will grant you that this is not the best possible mantis, but it is one of the better ones on Cuusoo and a great example of a collaboration between parents and their kids.  It also serves the purpose of the core of Cuusoo.  Do you want a brick build mantis?  I do, and I support it.

 We all know there are plenty of project by the sub 18 crowd with what appears to be no adult supervision.  It is always refreshing to see one where they are open about it with a clear goal. 
LEGO Jobs (Kitchen/ Chef)
A great concept.  It has been used in a few other projects in some variations.  The Mini shop series and Female Minifigure Set.  
Lego X-Men Blackbird
I have always meant to get around to one of these but never have.  Not sure there is a point to working on X-men projects any more what with the new movie coming out and how poorly X-men have preformed.
The Legend of Korra - United Forces Battleship
by TheNerd
Fantastic diesel punk ship and Equalist's biplane. 

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