Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pick of the Day: Sherlock

Pick of the Day

by flailx

This is a really great show.  I have no idea if it could make brand fit.  It is a bit on the violent side and goes some places that Lego has avoided but I don't really care, that is for Lego to figure out.

This figures designs are perfect and the build is top rate.  Make sure to also support for one of my favorite projects on Cuusoo,  King of Red Lions,also by flailx.

Honorable Mentions

Star Trek - U.S.S. Defiant

The Defiant is one of my all time favorite fictional vehicles and this a fantastic representation.  I would certainly place it for pick of the day if Kreo did not currently have the Star Trek license.

Please do check out and support this project.  It is 3p (three plate ) scale with a deck and the whole crew.  

Dragon (DRG-1N) - MechWarrior Online

Very well done and distinguished Mech and a fine addition to the Lego MechWarrior "line."  It does however look liike it is falling backwards to me and the knees look a little weak.


Barriss Offee V.S Anakin Skywalker
This is a great MOC and a great playset.  I think the market might be too specific though for the piece count and complexity. 
Snoopy 65th anniversary
An ornament for 2015!  Very good show  Kelvinwin.  Way too many people miss the beat on projects vs demand vs production.  If you can get the support for this, you should be able to get it to production in time.

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