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Crowd of the Week


Oh man!  So very much coding.  The awesome thing about it is my writing will become much more regular now.  All my big events are comfortably behind me and though I have a lot more fun coding projects in the future I have some working concept finally complete.  I have devized a method for me to rapidly catalog Cuusoo Projects (Parlty from insanity, partly from enjoyment of the coding challenge).  In about a month I will be opening a version of it to some individuals to try out but for now there is the fruits of the product, first order division of all Cuusoo projects over 200 support.

There is more to come but this is something people have been hounding Cuusoo for, since basically the beginning.  In the weeks to come I will be adding more refinded searching options, including exclusion options but here are the beta links for you to check out.  There are maybe 5 or so that are in the wrong category.  I will get to them later.

Not sure if Mythology belongs in No Licensing or "Real."  Also Logos and mascots are in real at the moment since they are reflections of real organizations and corporations...Its a bit fluid right now.  Some categories switched

No License Projects :
Conceived by the project creator, animals, plants, geological formations, or too old a concept to be owned.  Also includes generalized recreations. So a "fire truck" would be in this category but S&S Wildland Ultra XT fire engine would be under "Real" Subjects.

Popular Media Projects :
Movies, Comics, Games of all types (but not models of games) , Fictional Television (both live action and animated), Webcomics, and Webseries. 

"Real" Subject Projects :
Models of specific named things, individuals, and organizations.  For the time being logos and mascots are actually going in here.  Part of the point of the classification is really about where the support is coming from, so Mascots and Logos, though usually fictional in nature are going here because fans of the organization might support it.  

Lego Properties Projects :
Lego Brands such as Ninjago, Bionicle, Winter Village, etc...  Sets that reference Lego branding like the space logo or Octan.  Homages to existing Lego sets.  Add-ons to specific Lego sets. Software,  Homages, Lego Services, and those random non-brick based products that people recommend. 

FOL Cuusoo Campaign Update

I will have a more verbouse write up later, but the votings is over so lets talk a bit about it.  The Majestic Airship was the most supported project on the list, receiving  votes from 39% of participants.  It is fantastic that we were able to get a lot of support to so many project, even getting two projects accross the 1000 support mark,  but the results also showcase expertly that FOLs are just as prone to being selective of their support as anyone else coming to Cuusoo to vote for their college mascot.  Four times as many people voted in the survey than have every voted for the Lego Mondrian. Is this wrong, heck no, it just shows that.

For those that want to keep the ball rolling,  Well, if you didn't notice it in the "News" section here is the list to start with: No License Projects.  Make sure to check out the other links though too, just because a project is based on popular media or models something doesn't make it any less cool.  Hopefully this new format will help you find something you like. 

Volunteers Needed for New Feature Testing

So, I have a lot of data.  Now I want to test some things to see how far I can take it.  I am looking for a few people who have supported a few cuusoo pojects: From 3 to 10.  Maybe 15.  If you would like to participate please use the Contact Us link and include your Cuusoo id.  I will see if I can program a system that will accurately suggest other projects you will like based on your current support patterns.

You probably won't hear back from me for a while as I will be coding it as I go.  Thanks in advance.

Kickstarter for Custom Figure Arms (and a torso too)

 Well, here is a product that nearly every FOL has wanted at least once in their life.  Arms with different angles to them.  Instead of trying to produce a bendable arm, Emiliano Acevedo is offering up a set of 14 arms.  $10 for the set and you even get to pick the color.

Pulp Adventure Deck Building / Resource Management game

Incredible Expeditions is a game after my own heart.  I love deck building games period.  Probably my favorite type of game.  On top of that you are managing resources to go on a pulp adventure.

The game has an interesting three currency system of Money, Heroism, and Skullduggery and two phases of play.  First you use the currencies to buy equipment and hire crew.  Then once you start your expedition you use the currencies to overcome dangerous encounters.

Here is a video of the game play, or if your prefer, a document of the rules.

Pick of the Week

Jurassic Park Jungle Explorer with T-Rex

Brick Queen has another hit on her hands.  This set is the the most well implemented from the last couple weeks of selection and the most marketable.  There are some fantastic Jurassic Park MOCs on Cuusoo but this is the first high quality one that really brings forth a solid product.   Bonus points for building in real brick!

Honorable Mentions

The Goonies

As the Ghostbusters graduate to 10k it looks like they are making room for more 80's flicks.  Lyonsblood has demonstrated a pretty cool looking set of traps, including the skeleton piano thingy.  It is good concept if a bit heavy on the figures.

Goonies does not have anywhere near the nostalgia factor of Back to the Future or Ghostbusters but it is really a quality presentation that is worth a look.

Taipei 101
by rack911

An impressive build for an impressive building.  The slope of the Lego exaggerates the actual architecture a bit but it gets the right idea across.  Some excellent snotting is used to great effect. 

Architecture: Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39
by Teazza

Teazza certainly does love the tiny shuttles.  This is perfection.  All the complexity of the Launch Complex without the price or footprint!  How have his builds not gotten to 10,000 yet?

DSLR Camera
by RGB900

Simply marvelous.  It looks like the real thing!  The use of the treads for the neck strap is a brilliant touch.


Humming Bird - Galaxy Command
Very creative wings with the internal blades, not something you see often.  

Lego Pizza Delivery Car
by saabfan
There has never been a Lego CITY pizza delivery!?!  What is up with that.  With all the pizza minifigs eat you would image the city would be full of them.
I am, of course, not including the oversized Toy Story model.    
Lindsey Stirling's Tour Bus
A very compact but functional Band Truck.  Would also be nice to finally get a Lego violin.
Vulture ship
by tgbdz
I seriously doubt anything with a whisper of Game Workshop on it is going to get produced but this model is amazing.  Very nice use of the windshield canopy being rotated out too.  
Another addition to the Galaxy Command series.  I am impressed by the number of themed vessels Reekardoo and Kit Bricksto can put out. 
Roller Coaster Tycoon Buildings
by yooha
Fun and inspired.  There is actually a lot of variation to this project if you check it out. If you have a project with a lot of variety, make sure to cycle the main image occasionally to catch people's eye with new content. 
LEGO Star Trek
by kotaco
Star Trek is not happening people.  Keep trying but I can't wait to for the first one to get to 1000.  Even if Kreo did not have the sets right now I gotta believe that Lucas put in an no compete clause with the Star Wars Lego that Disney is going to continue forward on.  Even it they didn't its a serious dilution of product. 
Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) STAR WARS - R2D2
by DarthKy
Princess Leia is a bit creepy looking to tell you the truth.  The Droids and Aliens are AWESOME though.  Bonus points for the silver leg. 
Batmobile Mecha
Transforming Batmobile!  It is an absolutely fantastic MOC. Excellent presentation as well, I should have made this an honorable mention come to think of it.
LRDG Chevrolet 30CWT
Very nice!
Umbaran MHC
by Lucero
If you are going to do a UCS model, it pretty much has be be from a Movie.  This is great work but it just does not have the market.  
King's Lonely Fortress
The unique pattern is a real eye catcher, but the part count, and building complexity must be though the roof. 
Al Capone gangsta 1920
by oirad72
Those Emerald Night pieces show up everywhere.  
Avengers Assemble - Shield Helicarrier
I had toyed with building one of these since the first time I saw it in the film.  Moslty I am surprised it took so long for one (of quality) to show up on Cuusoo.  As is it is extremely too big.  Also, building out that far unsupported is a nightmare for real world construction
Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) DISNEY, Pirates
by DarthKy
DarthKy, when do you sleep?
Dragon Ball Kame House
Instantly recognizable to any Dragon Ball fan
Mini Heavy Haulers
by mmbace
MMbrace yet again show that he is one of the best builders on Cuusoo.
Lunar Module Eagle
A very clever mini Eagle.
Lego Technic Pin - 15 Degrees
by Hajdekr
Some interesting possibilities...
Cathedral of Learning
Very nice!
World's Smallest Steering Wheel Mechanism Car
Some really intersting techniques are demonstrated here.  You should really take a look.  

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