Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pick of the Day: Soyuz Rocket

Pick of the Day

Soyuz Rocket
by Kei_Kei

This is a great build.  It uses very clever techniques to get the curves that are expressed in the shape of the actual rocket.  On top of that, this is a critical element of international human based space endeavor as the Soyuz Rocket is how we get astronauts to the Space Station.

Make sure to check out Kei Kei's Lunokhod 1 project as well.


This is a relaunch of Senteosan's Dino outside of Jurassic Park's license.  A clever move.  Certainly it is a slower pace to 10k but it will not be hampered by any difficulties in licensing.
BTTF - Marty​'s Truck
Another great offering from Team BttF.  I stand by my previous statement though that Lego is already working on this or has decided not to do it. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with producing new sets for BttF on Cuusoo, but keep in mind that these pursuits are no different from all the minecraft reproductions that populate Cuusoo. 

Ghostbusters Ecto-1
by welliAR
Very well done!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtle Party Wagon
by jalex
An interesting idea but this is suppose to be an anniversary set.  If that is your core excuse for recreating an existing Lego set so soon then state it int he title.  A lot of people will not look at projects that seem to be duplications of existing Lego sets.
Home Alone - Kevin's Mad House Fiasco!
Very well done.  Fans of the movie, or just people who grew up when it came out should take a look.  This has a lot of memorable play features from the movie.  
LEGO Harrower-class dreadnought
Impressive build.  
Neck Bracket with Double Studs
by CCB_18
Always resize your image to fit on Cuusoo.  
Truck with Hydraulic Arm
by Hajdekr
Very creative part use.  Will need to try some of these techniques out. 
Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Collectors Edition High Detail
Regardless of how good your design is, producing practically the same design right one or even two people have already taken it to 10k is something I will never understand.

If you do this, make it clear what makes your project different and worthy of support. 
Ice Planet Celestial Sled V2
I think homage sets are the key to getting through to a lot of AFOLs but you need to innovate the design a little, not just build based on the same principles.  
Pirate Ship Segments
If your project reaches production it will result in a single set.  So, if you publish a project that by definition requires more than one set to make sense, then your project is dead on arrival.

It is fine to promote a line concept but your actual product must be able to stand on its own as well. 

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