Thursday, August 29, 2013

CPotD: Gyro Drop

Cuusoo Pick of the Day

LEGO Friends' Gyro

I love dynamic builds.  I love it when brick joins with art and motion.  This seems to be most popularized with rides, which makes sense because of the minifig scale.

Well, this 'Gyro Drop' is no exception, bonus: It has magnets!

On top of the fun dynamic nature of this build is a great moc in and of itself.  The concept is instantly recognizable even without the electronics and quite colorful.  

A video of the build in motion (a must for any dynamic project) can be found here.  Also, if you have links in your project, make sure to make them into hyperlinks so people can click on them conveniently like this hyperlink to how to put hyperlinks in Cuusoo projects.



Mini Modular: Ghostbusters HQ
Accurate and Cute.  What more could you ask for.  I have to try the trick  Edubl31216 is using to make the sign hang.  How tight is it I wonder...


Asajj Ventress's Trident-class Assault Ship
This ship has always made me think of a cross between the Nautilus and the Giant Squid that attacked it. This is a great design but I do wonder how well it would perform IRL.
If you like the concept though, vote for it and see what Lego can do with those arms.
Disney's Planes - Skipper’s Flight School
This looks like a real Lego set, probably because it looks a lot like the Duplo set. Fantastic MOC all around and something to be really proud of.  Lego is probably following the same pattern as Cars though.  They are starting with Duplo, then for the next movie (Its a Trilogy) they will produce Lego system sets to serve the audience that they seeded with the Duplo
The Velorex 16/350
by Hajdekr
A great, elegant, clever little build.  

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