Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cuusoo Creators: Ssorg

Ssorg is one of the most supported artist on Cuusoo with over 2930 over 5 projects, and their is no question that he deserves all that support (and more)  if you see even one of his MOCs. 

The majority of Ssorg's builds showcase timeless vehicles with style and substance.  He does stray from this pattern once to suggest a very novel and well thought out Cabin that supports both a Summer and Winter state.  

Ssorg gifts Cuusoo with not only some of the best builds on Cuusoo, but he is also one of the more active members of the community, regularly commenting on people's projects and in the Feedback system not to mention supporting nearly 150 projects.

Douglas DC-3
by Ssorg

This gorgeous plane has the distinction of being the most supported aircraft on Cuusoo with nearly 1k supporters as well as being the 50th most supported project overall.  Its got plenty of great features, too many for me to list.  Just go to the project and admire it for a while.   

If you haven't supported this ship yet, WHY NOT?  If you have, then why haven't you gotten your friends to support it!   

There is no excuse for not supporting this aircraft.

Majestic Airship!
by Ssorg

I love airships.  They evoke so much crazy ideas.  I think Ssorg was really clever to use the frame with "sails" technique.  You can check out his flickr page for internals on this beauty. 

Lovely Sailboat!
by Ssorg

Another great use of sails.The Snotting of the main deck showcases some great technique.  The tiny cabin even opens up for some more playability.   

RMS Titanic
by Ssorg

There are many Titani (the plural for Titanic) on Cuusoo, but Ssorg has the unquestionable master build. 

Log Cabin - Two Seasons!
by Ssorg

The character of this build is top of the line and the seasonal change is such a Novel idea.  It is this outside of the box thinking that showcases the fun ideas that Cuusoo is possible of promoting.  

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