Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cotd: Swiss Chalet and Safari Truck and Dragon Slayers

Pick of the Day

Swiss Chalet #1
by Arlen.mcc

Arlen has uploaded an entire village of quality minibuild structures.  This one is my favorite with the Bavarian Castle being a close second.

The complex geometries of the roof really call out to me.  The Blue, white and black with yellow highlights make for a great color scheme too. 

Honorable Mention

Safari Truck
by Dr.runright

This Safari Truck has an abundance of great qualities.  An antenna, tow thing (can't recall the name of it all of a sudden), hooks, high venting, even a spare tire.  The canvas overlap really brings it all together.

I really like the above the roof storage but I can't figure how Lego would pull that off. 


Bavarian Castle
Support Level: 15
Safari Truck
Support Level: 11
Swiss Alpine Hotel
Support Level: 9
English Country Bridge
Support Level: 7
Swiss Chalet #1
Support Level: 6
English Cottages
Support Level: 5
Fanciful Swiss Chalet
Support Level: 4
Hawaiian Cottage - Yellow
Support Level: 4
English Bungalow #2
Support Level: 4
Bargain with Ursula
Support Level: 4
Western Train Depot
Support Level: 4
Craftsman Bungalow #1
Support Level: 3
English Bungalow # 1
Support Level: 3
Dutch Windmill
Support Level: 3
Hawaiian Bungalow
Support Level: 3
Mid-Century Bungalow
Support Level: 3
Hawaiian Cottage - White
Support Level: 3
German Border Crossing
Support Level: 3
Railroad Water Tower
Support Level: 3
Country Cottage
Support Level: 2

Second Look

Swiss Chalet #1
by lizardman

Lizardman has been working on this series of brick build dragons for quite a while and I think this is one of the best ones he has put on Cuusoo.  
The posability is great, the wings have a really unique style and technique.  The overlapping plates on the head is very clever.  Altogether a fantastic build.  

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