Monday, September 3, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Woodpecker and Dune Buggy

Preview Showcase

Ok, so  usually, Cuusoo posts all the new projects late in the evening (Central time) but the last few days they have been releasing them sporatically.  This following project is technically for the next "pick of the day" post but I like it so much I wanted to share it early. 

Rhinoceptor suborbital spaceship
by Talebuilder

This ship has awesome coloring (I am very partial to Red and White), a great, unique design, and lots of fun technique.  I really love all the fins and the great integration of the Technic fin in the back.  The tiny sister ship is a nice touch too.

If you like this one make sure to check out Talebuilder other fine selection of space craft. 

Pick of the Day

Mars Inc. Scout Buggy
by Jwg258

This is a fantastic build.  Not too crazy and very clever design.  I am really impressed with how well Jwg258 made the front of the vehicle look like it is wrapped in red rods.  The angled windscreen fits great.  The cargo, like the car shares a flare for uniqueness and creativity and I could see a lot of playability with the set as a whole.

Check out the pics of the Minifig too, Jwg258 has a clever "life support pack" design 

Also, awesome presentation, the light dusting on the wheels really adds to the effect.       

Honorable Mention

by Toddamacher

Bionicle and insects/arachnids go hand in hand like two things that go together really well.  Lego long ago produced some Bionicle scorpions but this thing leaves those cringing (although they do have this fantastic tale strike mechanic).  The blue, grey, and silver are also a fantastic combination. 

I have seen a lot of Bionicle/HeroFactory on Cuusoo but this is one of those rare ones that really showcase the awesome creativity that can be applied to the parts.


Support Level: 4
Support Level: 4
Support Level: 3
Eiffel Tower
Support Level: 3
Main Street Station
Support Level: 2
The Lear Jet
Support Level: 1
Mars Inc. Scout Buggy
Support Level: 1
Classic Go - Kart
Support Level: 0
Underground for Lego City
Support Level: 0

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