Friday, September 14, 2012

Cuusoo Creators: Suzuki

If you do a sort of the Cuusoo project by "most recent" and go all the way to end you will find Suzuki.  Way back in October 29, 2008.  That's right, Suzuki is not only one of the most prolific brick artists on Cuusoo, he is also the earliest.

Another unique quality of Suzuki's work is the variety of the Subjects.  Most brick artists specialize in a specific subject, but Suzuki's only common trend is that he models "existing" subjects rather than original creations, with the exception of his cake project that is.  

Suzuki's ability to model subjects is top notch.  I think is especially evident in his Wall-E build.  I am always rather confused each time I see a new Wall-E project roll out (8 intotal) when Suzuki already has the definitive builds in both display and minifig scale.

Suzuki has a project support total of over 5400 over 11 projects. 


Check it out, he have even recreated the little cooler!!!


See tiny Wall-E next to Robby

Samurai Battle Gear Display Set

Apollo 11 Lunar Mission

Willys JEEP

mini Mindstorm NXT Alpha-Rex

ASIMO & AIBO / Cool JAPAN Robot series

LEGO Technic Mountain Bicycle

LEGO single lens reflex camera

LEGO Block shaped LEGO Block Stationery made by LEGO Block

Cake Shaped Accessory Case

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