Monday, September 10, 2012

CotD: Big Tent, Big Bus, and Big Temple

Pick of the Day

The Big-Top Circus Tent comes to town!
by Jwnm69

Jmnm69 did the very difficult thing of posting a subject that is poorly represented in Cuusoo.  Beyond that this MOC is very well developed.  The use of Pirate sales for the tent works out great.

I am not sure about the marketability of the set, especially at the presented scale but it is a great work that really sells the circus concept as a viable build otherwise.

Honorable Mention #1

Articulated Bus - VERSUS
by Designbrick

This is a well executed technical achievement and I am sure it must look great rolling around.  I certainly wish there was video to go with it.

In the end though, its a bit too big for my tastes as a set owner.  This would take up a lot of real estate on my shelf. 

Honorable Mention #2

The Jedi Temple
by Adho15

Although this is the fifth project to call itself a "Jedi Temple" this one manages to make its mark by going for style over playability.  I really like the core concept, an architecture line for fictional locations.  True, there are certainly more non-fictional structures worthy or recognition than Lego will ever be able to produce, but it is still a great concept for those who, like many of us, identify better with fictional places than real ones. 

To be certain, this is not the first to represent this concept, there are a few non-playable Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter projects that spring to mind.



The Jedi Temple
Support Level: 51
The Attack Crawler
Support Level: 16
Articulated Bus - VERSUS
Support Level: 8
Battle of Kamino
Support Level: 7
Landscaping Crew
Support Level: 7
Ford Escort MK2 1:15 scale
Support Level: 7
Westfalia trailer for 10220
Support Level: 7
Hot Air Balloon Cruise
Support Level: 6
Veloce Trident Hunter ship
Support Level: 5
Obi-wan's capter
Support Level: 5
Bowling Alley
Support Level: 4
Police jeep - ADVENTUR
Support Level: 2
Towers - KIO
Support Level: 2
Support Level: 2
Support Level: 1
Mobile Space Transport
Support Level: 0

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