Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cuusoo Week in Review: September 9-15

Top Supported Projects

These are the top 5 most supported projects introduced in the week of September 9-15.

Not giving my opinions on any of these, just showcasing what the "up and comers" are this week. 

Support Level: 80

The Jedi Temple
Support Level: 70

iPhone: Built to Excel.
Support Level: 55

Recon Scout Ship
Support Level: 48

Statistics & Analysis

Really not that in depth of an analysis, but the above table shows support for each of the projects at the time the data was taken.  This reflects the normal support distribution of Cuusoo where a few projects are very successful while the majority get very little support. 

Projects Submitted 72
Average Support 11.5
Standard Deviation 14.7

Projects under 5 support 42
Projects with at least 10 support 23
Projects with at least 25 support 6
Projects with at least 50 support 4
Projects with at least 100 support 0

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