Sunday, September 2, 2012

Month in Review: August 2012

Wow, this is my 100th posting.


I am going to try something new today.  I keep being surprised how even Cuusoo regulars miss out on the best new stuff.  Showcasing these projects is one of the reasons this blog exists.

Well, I have a new strategy, and that is to show you, the readers, the most supported projects from the last month, in order of support.  The point?  Well, in theory the better projects will have the most support (a crowd sourced quality check).  Taking from the last months increases the chances that you might not have seen it.

The Format

First I am going to start with some news, then I am going to showcase all the projects above a certain level of support that have been published in the last month.  I am picking 30 Supporters this time around.  I have not edited out any projects above 30 supports regardless of my opinion about them, but I have highlighted a few personal favorites by putting a blue box around them. 

There are still plenty of worthy projects below 30 supports though, for those cases, I have selected what I believe to be excellent projects that have fallen through the cracks.

I hope you find something intersting,


Cuusoo News

Send Cuusoo (and Tim) to SXSW 2013

SXSW Interactive is a festival centered around emerging web technologies and other fun technical stuff.  Just like Cuusoo though, you need supporters if you want to make your presentation a reality.  Also, just like Cuusoo you show you have supporters by getting them to vote for you on a website.

Tim Courtney is all set to go, he just needs your support to get him there.  Vote here to help him make it!

You don't have to be altruistic to vote for the presentation, you can be totally selfish about it.  The more Cuusoo gets talked about, the more people are going to check it out, the more likely that someone will support your favorite projects and we can all get our Lego sets that much faster!

The Deadline for Voting for SXSW interactive is September 4th!

Super Mario Brothers and Doctor Who added to the "No Go" list

A Super Mario Brothers and a Doctor Who project finally breached 1k supporters.  Cuusoo responded by indicating that, though they love the projects, they will not compete for "construction toy" licenses already held by other companies.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Star Trek is currently licensed to a "brick" competitor and will also likely not be green lit by Cuusoo in the foreseeable future.  I doubt that this will slow the upload of Star Trek vessels, but there you have it. 

Next Deadline is December 3rd

The deadline for the next review is 91 days away (from this posting of course).

Three projects currently have a high enough support rate to make that date: 
If you want another project to get on the list then start posting about it wherever you can.  Do your part to make your favorite projects a reality.

Second Looks


Built Anatomy

The initial posting of this project was not even in the same league as what is presented now.  There have been at least two updates to this project how.  In doing this review I see that KmyRug has added eyes and grey matter.

The model of the heart is also much more defined.

Its very impressive work that deserves a second look.



Desktop Series: Sky-Fi

rongYIREN seems to be constantly working on improving this already impressive series "Sky-Fi".  I don't know why you would not have supported it the first time this was published, but now there are three distinct aircrafts in four colors and five different bases.

August's most supported  projects

The Bat
Support Level: 245
Adventure Time! Tree Fort
Support Level: 198
Pro builder rides: Custom Bike
Support Level: 119
Marvel Mystery Bags
Support Level: 112
Elementary School
Support Level: 108
The Ultimate Lego Batcave
Support Level: 98
Disney Minifigures
Support Level: 97

Lunar Base
Support Level: 96
Bat-Suit Pod
Support Level: 92
Medieval Travelling Theatre
Support Level: 91
The Bat Signal
Support Level: 86
AV-7 Mobile Antivehicle Cannon
Support Level: 85
Support Level: 85
Support Level: 81
Brick-Sorting Excavator
Support Level: 80
RC Minifig Scaled Routemaster
Support Level: 78
Recycling station
Support Level: 68
Modular Seafood Restaurant
Support Level: 68
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Support Level: 67
Mecha V1
Support Level: 61
Support Level: 61
Support Level: 59
LEGO Arkham Asylum
Support Level: 58
UCS Imperial Probe Droid
Support Level: 57
Advanced Train Track System
Support Level: 54
Island desalination
Support Level: 53
Lex Luthor's Dune Buggy
Support Level: 50
Hummer H1 Soft Top
Support Level: 47
Built Anatomy
Support Level: 46
LEGO Mr. Freeze's Lair
Support Level: 45
Clayface's Theatre Hideout
Support Level: 43
Batman: Mr. Freeze's Lair
Support Level: 40
Ninjago final boss idea
Support Level: 39
Minecraft Chest
Support Level: 38
Trenitalia TAV Freccia Rossa
Support Level: 36
Red London Telephone Box
Support Level: 35
Clone Squadron
Support Level: 34
ADAC Rescue Helicopter
Support Level: 32
Support Level: 31
The New Roof System
Support Level: 31
Support Level: 31
Deadpool Marvel Legends Scale
Support Level: 30

Honorable Mentions

Mars Colony Project
Support Level: 20
Samurai Mech
Support Level: 17
Panoramic Bus
Support Level: 17
LEGO Travel Trailer
Support Level: 16
classic LDD galleon ship
Support Level: 12
Modular Spaceship
Support Level: 12
Support Level: 11
Support Level: 10

"Drum Set" is a project one week later!

LEGO Drum Set


Support Level: 17

I would have recommended the Drum Set, but Lego has just released a viable alternative.