Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CotD: Hot Rods, Wet Droids, and Launching Bridges

Pick of the Day

1:8 Scale Classic American Hot Rod
by Drdesignz

Drdesignz has truly given us a gift with this work of art.  I don't have any reason to explain why this was my pick for the day. The MOC exudes detail and mechanical genius.   

Here is an excerpt of the technical details:

"The gear shifter has three positions, center being neutral. Forward opens the passenger door and pulling it back opens the driver's side door. Another Lego Power Function includes a second electric motor in the trunk, which turns an actuator that adjusts the rear suspension height. The battery box is also located in the rear, which is easily removed by opening the trunk (see flickr album). Another function includes the steering wheel, which does turn the front wheels."

All that and a minifig skull for the gear shift too!

Honorable Mention

Clone Wars Brick-built Droid Packs: No.1 Aqua Droids
by Sepsymp

These figs are well designed and do a lot with a little 

iPhone: Built to Excel.
Support Level: 37
Mock Tudor Cottage
Support Level: 5
First aid Mini-bots
Support Level: 3
Mini Displays
Support Level: 2
Maneki Neko, the Lucky Cat
Support Level: 0

Second Look

Stilzkin Bridge Launcher
by mahj

The very impressive video is here.  If the above picture and the video don't convince you to support this, well, using words to explain why you should would be pointless. 

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