Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great projects approaching 250

Here are ten project approaching the 250 supporter milestone.  To put some facts about Cuusoo into perspective, that means these projects are less than 2.5% of the required support level.  Conversely of note, these projects are in the top 6% most supported projects on Cuusoo.

Fight Support Apathy!
So, these amazing projects in the top 6% of all projects are STILL less than 2.5% complete.  It is really difficult to get those 10k supporters.    At current support rates, NO project will reach 10k by the next review deadline on December 3rd!  

Think about how weird these stats are for a few moments.  Supporting a project only takes a few seconds and costs nothing.  The amount of projects you can support is only limited by the NUMBER of projects on Cuusoo.  So, Why are we all being so stingy with our support?

At this level of support, all the projects are by definition, of quality.  So why not be charitable.
Cheers and Thank you for your time.

Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)
by Spacysmoke

This is quite literally one of my favorite projects on Cuusoo.  I think it is a travesty that this project is not in the thousands.  Check out the absurd levels of details on these things.  The doors have an awesome technique for openning and closing.  These things hold 5 minifigs!

Odeon Cinema
by Teunis

Look at that amazing curved wall technique!

CT-37 Tri Wing Terror
by Curtydc

You might not get the reference in the title but this is from the 90's cartoon Talespin, but you don't need to have ever heard of that to love this well crafted tri-wing combat aircraft.  

Light & Sound Ladder Truck
by Madphysicist

Lego has a lot of Fire Engines, a lot, and there are several on Cuusoo as well.  The unique thing about this one is not only its level of detail but its scale.  It is hard to see from the tiny pictures they put on the searches in Cuusoo, but this engine is much larger than minifig scale.

Himeji Castle 姫路城 - LEGO Architecture
by Sess

A great recreation of Himeji Castle. 

How to Train your Dragon
by Stormbringer

If you have visited this project before, make sure to check it out again.  This has been updated with a lot more dragons. 

BTTF - Biff Tannen's Ford
by Teambttf

More excellent work from the team that brought you the great Back to the Future Project.

Mechwarrior Battletech Atlas
by Czar

Battletech mech from Czar!

Minifig furniture - living room
by Brixe

Brixie makes amazing furniture out of Lego with crazy microtechniques.

Starfox Assault Arwing
by V1lain

This build is a great combination of practical and accurate.  

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