Sunday, September 23, 2012

Projects appoaching 500

Here are ten project approaching the 500 supporter milestone.  These projects almost have 5% of the required support for review and are in the top 3.5% of projects on Cuusoo.

If you have not already supported these projects please consider doing so.  They are all impressive works worthy of merit.  If you are not supporting them, please give the projects some feedback and tell them why.

ASTACO 双腕仕様機
by Midori

Did you know that Mecha already exists?!?!  The craziest thing about this is that its based on something that is real

and this build is not just a pretty face.  It is also a tiny little mecha in its own right

Who would not want to see this in the lineup of Lego products?  Seriously?!?

Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship
by Hasskabal

This ship dwarfs the Imperial Fagship!  Bonus points for using the Classic Lego Scorpions!  I KNOW there are more than 500 Lego Pirate fans out where are they for this one?

Corellian Defender with Satele Shan, Qyzen Fess, & C2-N2
by Glenbricker

This one should look familiar.  I won't waste any of your time talking about my own project other than a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported to me to date, or will in the future. 

Porsche 997 GT3
by Crowkillers

Believe it or not this is Crowkillers's less popular car!   A great example of studless Lego design.

Bricklyn Borough Courthouse
by Sonicstar

Two in a row, this is Sonicstar's lesser known work as well.  Check out the quality of the interiors in this building.  For starters, it has hexagon "tiles" for the floor! 

Log Cabin - Two Seasons!
by Ssorg

I just did a report on Ssorg.  I suggest you check out all his work.

LEGO Pokémon
by Kevinhink

This is a fun idea.  If you read my blog regularly you will have heard this already, but Kevinhink has had the novel idea of letting his supporters pick the Pokémon he will be creating.

Personally I want to see a Kyogre and Entei!

EVE Online Ships - Myrmidon
by Cmoe

More Eve and this one is a bigee.  A bit much of a brute for design for my taste but if you like the ship, please support the project.  Even if you don't care for the technique, Lego will produce their own design. 

IRON MAN gantrymachine
by Choisanghun

I like the look of this project a lot but I can't get over the fact that despite how awesome it looks,  at best all it does is take of Iron Man's helmet.  I think this project could benefit from a minifig swap out gimmick, just like the Batcave Wayne to Batman effect. to Turn Iron Man into Tony Stark. 

by Grusso

"Back to the Future" has been treated well in Cuusoo and this time traveling train is a great continuation of that tradition.  Grusoo has some really stunning work, in fact he just relaunched his Mars Base with some really stunning new visuals so I am tossing in a special "Second Look" on this article.

Second Look

MARS BASE (Modular with interiors)
by Grusso

Sure, this is a huge MOC, but its absolutely gorgeous, totally creative, and the detailing it epic.  Give the project a look.  If you still aren't convinced, check out his MOC pages. 

Here is a preview of the high detail stuff there

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