Friday, September 28, 2012

Cuusoo Week in Review: September 24th

General News

Reaching 1000

The Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater and Douglas DC-3 both crossed the 1000 supporters milestones this week.

Lego at SXSW

A few weeks ago I asked for your support in getting a Cuusoo panel at SXSW Interactive.  Now Lego Education wants in on the game.  Please give them a hand getting to the show by supporting the events bellow:

Days to 10k Report

This week's Days to 10k report has been released and is available here or you can use the link in the left column of the page to always take you to the latest report.   No projects in the post 200  supporters have been dropped this week.  Kevinhink's LEGO Pok√©mon and my own  Corellian Defender made significant gains. 

Pick of the Week

Angel's X-71 Starfighter 'The Valkyrie'
by Razorfly

This is a fun build and a unique approach to space fighters not represented well in Cuusoo, Lego, or toys in general.  The spacecraft itself, even ignoring the color scheme is a novel design and I applaud them for that, but using  various purples Razorfly has cemented the uniqueness of the overall design. 

Honorable Mentions

Clone Wars Brick-built Droid Packs No.3: B3 'ULTRA' Battle Droids
by Sepsymp

I am always fascinated and impressed by Sepsymp very dynamic minifig scale built droids.  Sepsymp always finds new and clever ways to combine parts in ways that have never occurred to me.  Using pistols for elbows,  what a great idea!   

Futuristic Sports car Mechabot
by Alanyap

I continue to be entertained by the creativity that Lego fans have for these dynamic builds that change from form to form without diss assembly.  On top of the brilliant mechanics, this just looks cool. 

Statistics & Analysis

Projects Submitted 44
Average Support 7.95
Standard Deviation 7.75

Projects under 5 support 23
Projects with at least 10 support 13
Projects with at least 25 support 1
Projects with at least 50 support 0
Projects with at least 100 support 0


Week of Cuusoo

I decided to put the cutoff at 3 support this week.

Castle 375 Redesign
by Sylverdragon

Support Level: 29
I like this set a lot.  In fact I am pretty crazy about homages in general.  I think Sylverdragon would be well served by updating the castle a bit more than he has while still attempting to maintain the feel of the original.  Suggestion would be to vary the figures more, implement a method of access for the knights to actually reach the top of the towers (a ladder perhaps) and use modern "stained glass" building techniques for the back window.

Note that the roman numerals over the arch are 375.  Very clever

Batpod and Bane Chase
by Simple1dea

Support Level: 23
There is an extreme amount of Batpods on Cuusoo as it is.  This one distinguishes itself by including Bane, which I am surprised that no one else has done.  Also, this Batpod seems a little more "legal" than most of the others. 

by Gilkido

Support Level: 23
Gilkido's builds are always very interesting to look at.  A lot of novel variations on Star Wars themes.  I am not sure that there really needs to be any correlation to Star Wars though.  I think that hurts the long term viability of this project when it already stands on its own very well, in my opinion. 

Naboo Theed Generator Complex
by Marvologaunt

Support Level: 23
This set has a lot of character, features, and playability.  It would have to overcome the hurdle though that it is effectively a diorama of a death scene of two major characters.  (Yes, I know that Darth Maul is still alive).   

Support Level: 22
TIE Phantom
Support Level: 18

Futuristic Sports car Mechabot
Support Level: 15

Lord of The Rings - Bag End
Support Level: 14
Support Level: 11

Tri Changer Dino Jet Mecha
Support Level: 9
Knight's Stable
Support Level: 8
Anne of Green Gables
Support Level: 7

Mid Engine Supercar
Support Level: 7

HOV Alvin
Support Level: 6

Scout Hover Tank
Support Level: 4

Kid Icarus Project
Support Level: 4

Harrower Class-Dreadnaught
Support Level: 3
Attack buggy
Support Level: 3
LEGO Universe- Bone Wolf
Support Level: 3

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