Friday, September 21, 2012

Week in Review: September 17th

General News

Activity Dropoff

I have noticed a distinct drop off  in activity this last week.  I think there are two reasons for this.

1) Perception: The new activity feed is not blasting content all the time so it seems like their is less going on.

2) School: Schools and Universities are taking back their students and therefor they have less time to be on Cuusoo

Days to 10k Link

My "Days to 10k" report is quite popular, even the old ones.  Realizing that many people are looking a old reports instead of new ones I decided to try to help out my readers by adding a link to the most up to date report.  On the left side of the page you can see the Most Recent Days to 10K Report "gadget".  This will always take you to the most recent report.


In addition to the link to 10k report, I had added a link to "follow Me on Twitter" to the left column as well. I can't promise that I won't tell you useless things, like the best place to find a Monte Cristo in Austin, but I will tell you each time I post something here that I think is worthy enough to share.

More Lego at SXSW

A few weeks ago I asked for your support in getting a Cuusoo panel at SXSW Interactive.  Now Lego Education wants in on the game.  Please give them a hand getting to the show by supporting the events bellow:

Pick of the Week

Apple Square University
by Redcokid

I don't usually go for Modulars for my big picks but this one is simply amazing.  The visual aesthetic, variety of techniques displayed and color selection are just amazing.  I recommend seeing the higher quality picture from Flickr available through the project.

Honorable Mention

The smallest helicopter ever
by Bidlopavidlo

The idea of doing a lot with a little always appeals to me, and this project truly emphasizes this principle.


Novel Idea: Pick your Pokémon 

LEGO Pokémon
by Kevinhink

Kevinhink is providing users an interesting opportunity, the chance to influence the content of his project.  The following is from his Pokeproject:
For those who have been following the project's progression you already know the 4 minifigure scaled Pokémon below are my personal favorites. However, there are still 2 spots open for another update! As I stated earlier in the comments, I would like to now officially open voting for the final 2! Please leave a comment as to which one you'd like to see built, (no restrictions, it can be any Pokémon from any generation). But for the update... this is where I need your help.

I have decided to keep voting open until the project hits 1,000 supporters. Upon which I will go through all the comments and build & upload the first winner. I will wait until the project hits 1,500 votes before I once again review the votes and select the second winner.

I think this is a brilliant move on Kevinhink's part.  I expect this kind of activity to happen more and more as time goes on.

Personally, I am voting for Kyogre and Entei.  This is mostly an aesthetic request than a gameplay one.  

Wish it was on Cuusoo

Spinel Fox - The Pink Faerie Fox
by Siercon and Coral

This is one of the more gorgeous builds I have ever seen and certainly one of the best creatures.  This effortlessly combines bionicle and standard Lego to create a something so much more.

The use of parts is also genius.  Take a closer look at the face of the Fox.  That is pair of Torso's people! I have learned a lot just admiring this piece for a few moments.  The tail is stunning and worthy of the nine-tail.


Week of Cuusoo

I will have to provided hard stats later as my codes combined last weeks and this weeks number  and it got all "wonky" on me. But I can tell you this, There were 26 projects submitted this week. I decided to put the cutoff at 5 support this week.

Classic Monorail Revamp
by Conchas

Support Level: 82

X304 Deadalus Class Space Carrier
by nhenning

Support Level: 62

The smallest helicopter ever
by Bidlopavidlo

Support Level: 31

Apple Square University
Support Level: 29
Support Level: 20
Support Level: 13

-Lego Phineas and Ferb-
Support Level: 10

Support Level: 8
Captain Future COMET
Support Level: 7

Kingdoms Castle Wall Siege
Support Level: 5
Ice Raiders
Support Level: 5

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