Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Favorites Approaching 100

Here are ten project approaching the 100 supporter milestone.    I posting them in the hope that you, the reader will give them the support they need to reach that triple digit "score."

I am using a combination of Support Level and personal assessment to select these.  I have filtered out the projects that I think have a poor chance of being accepted, those with licensees that Lego will not compete with to obtain (Star Trek for instance),  and those projects that are already well represented in Cuusoo by similar but better supported projects.

I am showing preference to the unique and the mature.  Mature referencing length of time on Cuusoo, not subject matter. 

This is the second review of the series, the first being those approaching 50.  Sometime soon I will move on to 250, then 500, and 1000.

Fight Support Apathy!

It is really really hard to get to 10k supporters.  Actually, at current support rates, NO project will reach 10k by the next deadline!  Take a moment to think about how weird this is.  Giving a project support, for Cuusoo users, takes less than 30 seconds and costs nothing. 

When the activity feed showed you everything going on for any supported project, there was an excuse to let some go by to keep your activity feed under control, but now, with the new minimalist system, that excuse does not float anymore.   

So, I am going to ask everyone to seriously consider lowering their "support threshold."   Look at a project and consider if the catalog of Lego projects would be enriched by the inclusion of a particular MOC rather than simply your personal desire to own the MOC.  

We all know there are a lot of projects out there that are not worth your time.  But when you look at a project of quality you should not be thinking "Why should I support this?" you should be thinking "Why shouldn't I support this?" If you can't think of a really good reason that Lego should not consider producing the set, then give it some support. 

If you feel that you cannot support a Cuusoo project without a legitimate interest in owning it, then vote with your pocketbook!  Support the project, but put in the price you would be WILLING to pay for the set rather than try to guess what the presented set would cost in the store.  

Remember when you are putting in a price,  you are not playing some "Price Is Right" game.  Lego is going to create its own version of the project and they are going to budget that project based on the indicated price points supplied.  The value you put in does not have to have anything to do with the presented project but with the future Cuusoo product.  

Cheers and Thank you for your time.


The drones from EVE Online
by Guindel

Say what you want about the quantity of Eve projects, but you can't deny that these ships have some really nice microbuilding techniques and variety. 

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 1970
by Mopar

This car has more features than MOST car toys!  I love the use of steering wheels for hub caps

Lunokhod 1 - First Soviet Lunar Rover - ルノホート1号
by Kei_kei

If you voted for Curiosity, why not throw some support in for his Russian grandad?  This build is really fantastic and models the original rover quite well

Mini Animals
by Car_mp

Lego meets the cute cuddliness of Teddy Bears!

Mini Manhattan
by Henrimatos

This reminds me of Sim City more than Manhattan, but either way it looks fantastic.

Voltron - golion - 百獣王ゴライオン
by Mazinger_zet

Voltron!  What more do I have to say....you know it comes apart into the Cats too right!

T-Rex Skeleton
by Jazlecraz

I used to love those balsa wood dinosaur skeletons you assembled.  Now you can do it with Lego.

Medieval inn
by Jackcryan

This is a little derivative of the Medieval Village but its got a lot of character.  

Lauren Faust's Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls
by Bunyip

Friends in Space! Maybe not the cleanest presentation of all time, but it gets the point across.  Also a My little pony tie in.  Yes I am a brony. 

Creator Themed Corvette Stingray
by Mortalswords

I like this one more each time I see it.  Lots of nice geometries. 

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