Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: Project Velocities

Here is a long term velocity report.  This is based on data collected over a month.  Being such a large time frame will help get rid of any unusual spikes in support but of course will not demonstrate upswelling trends. 

Also of note: Gundam, Penny-Arcade, and Battlestar projects have vanished.  I am guessing they were invited to leave by Cuusoo. 

Btw, some of you might be interested in the series of posts I am writing based on the Cuusoo presentation I gave at Brick Fiesta. They start here.

Don't like how slow a project is going? Give it some indirect support to help speed things up.  This link has plenty of examples how

Previous Cuusoo Analytics

Days-10k: Given a continuation of the current rate, this is number of days until the project has 10k supporters.
Rate: the current rate of support per day for the project over the last month
Rank: Current relative support level i.e. Rank 1 is most supported, 2 is second most supported, etc...
Sup/View: Percentage of users that support the project upon Viewing it.

Why is my project not on here?
1) It has below 200 supporters at the time that I took the first reading (1 month ago), but it will next be next time. 
2) You have slipped under my radar.  Go ahead and tell me as such here

Previous Cuusoo Analytics

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