Monday, July 30, 2012

Cuusoo of the Week:The Fighter, The Garbage Truck, and the Polar Cruiser

Pick of the Week

Desktop Series: Fighters
by Rongyiren

I love it when Cuusoo users make my job easy, and Rongyiren certainly did it this time.  Just look at that pic. Do I need to say anything more?  I will but it is redundant.

This project currently has two sets.  They are very colorful with smooth lines and dynamic builds.  They have an ever so slightly Chibi style which makes them feel larger than life with what I image is a crazy "swoosh factor". The tail fins are genius.  The clouds are a spectacular touch.

On top of all that Rongyiren has great presentation, the project has a distinct concept (desktop art), and to top it all off, its IP independent.

This is a great example of a great Cuusoo project.

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Second Place

PF Garbage truck
by Cj6jo3xjp6

This is an engineering marvel, an artistic masterpiece, and all around awesome.  On top of all that, it is a very unique build...not just another Technic crane!  This would however cost a fortune with all the motors, pneumatics, and linear actuators it uses.   

You must also see the video to fully appreciate it. It actually scoops up Lego into its container...Brilliant!

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Third Place

Polar Cruiser
by Sebeus

This build is beautiful, functional, and unique.  It has everything one could want in an Actual Lego set, except of course a minifig ;).

This set could pretty much roll out as is and I know a lot of people would be happy with it.  I do imagine that if this set were to make it to 10k that the bionicle elements would be swapped out with something a little more brickish, but, personally I like it as is.

The qualities of this set remind me of the Ambulance, a set that is quietly noble on Cuusoo.

Honorable Mentions

Second Look

RESEARCH LAB SUBMARINE (Modular with interiors)
by Grusso

Grusso has relaunched this submarine with style!  Its huge, yeah, but it has a right to be.  It has 5 separate compartments, each lovingly detailed.  The side of each compartment opens up to allow you a full view of what is going on.  There is even a submarine INSIDE the submarine!  Check it out,  you won't be disappointed.

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