Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: An Asylum, Real Cars, and Mount Olympus

There were 10 Cuusoo projects released today.  The majority of them seem to relate too strongly to personal stories appeal to a large audience unfortunately.  

Pick of the Day

Batman: Ultimate Showdown at Arkham Asylum
by Batmanfan500

Batmanfan500 needs to work a bit on the presentation of his opening pic, but what Batman fan does not love Arkham asylum.  This build is quite nice on the outside (no internal presented) and certainly delivers the feel of the Gothic institution that Arkham is often depicted as.  This set is very large, taking up six baseplates!  It also has an unrealistic figure count of 26 (Nearly every member of the Caped Crusader's Rogues Gallery).  If this was to get to 10k, it would no doubt be trimmed down to something closer to the original Lego Arkham. 

Honorable Mention

Realistic Minifig Scale Vehicle Line (Example Land Rover & Roadster)
by Davidtai

Not the greatest designs I have every seen but it in a concept that I may have not seen before (or at least overlooked).  Its a general request to introduce a series of minifig scale cars based on real world models.  Its an interesting concept.  We will have to see how people respond.


Guest Review

Legolympus (Mythology Theme with Mount Olympus Set)
by Kiffington

I have seen this project a few time and like it a lot, especially that it only uses existing parts.  I don't tend to say much about the sets in the mid-range of support though.  Then "Ross" contacted me about posting Legolympus.  I told him he could write his own blurb about it and I would post it.  Here you go Ross:

I'm Ross, a LEGO CUUSOO user. While browsing around LEGO CUUSOO, the Legolympus set (a cute wordplay on Mount Olympus, by the way) just really caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, it's undeniably well-made. The pictures show that a lot of effort went into building the sets and making the pictures, something that's nice to see on CUUSOO. Second, Greek mythology is something enjoyed by kids around the world, so Lego would definitely have a target audience. Thanks to the success of media like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any concerns that mythology isn't mainstream or can be too inappropriate for kids have been allayed.
I'll focus first on the Mount Legolympus set, since to me it's the main focus of the project. It's large and ornate without being too complicated of a build, and I feel it really captures the spirit of the myths. While some of the god minifigures look like they use new parts, which is a negative, for the most part this set uses existing parts to great effect (especially the recolored Hulk figure as Atlas!).
I will admit that I'm not impressed by the rest of the project. The mythology scenes are just minifigures with a few more pieces, the Argo boat isn't even a Lego build, and the part about additional sets? I'd need to see those sets before I make an opinion on them. 
But the Mount Legolympus part itself, which would be what Lego would use if this project reached 10,000, is a great set, and I feel it deserves support.

Well said Ross!  

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