Friday, July 27, 2012

Cuusoo of the day: Giant Robot and Teenage Turtles

 This is one of those really hard days for me, where there are a lot of decent projects, all very different.  Nothing stands out really strong above the others and they are two different to compare well..oh well.  Here we go.

Pick of the Day

Harix Repair Facility
by Stacalkas

Like many of my picks, this is certainly not the most popular project of the day.  So far it has 1/3 the support of others that came out, but I don't base my picks on the projects that will get the most support.

This is the most well developed project that came out today. Its a great basic concept too: Giant Robot with Support scaffolding! Its creative and fun, but it is a bit to large for many reasons.  For one...this will take up a lot of space, it will dominate whatever area it is in.  Second it will be way to expensive for the value.

I think Stacalkas would be much more successful if they redesigned this set at no more than 3/4ths the current scale.  There should also be some more variations in the scaffolding.   

Honorable Mention

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by Arturito

This project is only the minifigs, but they are pretty great. 


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