Friday, July 27, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Space Striker and Shrek

Pick of the Day

Space Striker
by Tekeridani

I like this little ship a lot.  First off it uses the classic Blue and Grey, can't go wrong with that.  Then it has all that lovely snotting and curves.  The cockpit is also extremely clever with the non-symmetrical elements and the clips for controllers.  It also has some subtler nuances like the trans-yellow wing plates, half covered grill tile, and the red and green wing tips.

Honorable Mention

Shrek's house
by Maks

I must confess when I saw the tiny picture for this I thought...Wow! that is a pretty huge Dagobah set, but a bit too colorful.

This set is likely overbuilt for anything likely to be produced by Lego for the Shrek IP.  I also feel the need to point out that usually people submit these kind of sets with like 5 times the number of figs Lego would even consider but Maks has gone the totally other direction with only one for such a large set.  On top of that it actually looks a lot like the new "Bag End" set that is coming out.  Regardless, totally rambling. 

I picked this set because, beyond looking great, it has a very slick mechanic of rotating plates to open up the house while still keeping everything connected.  The front side plate actually rotate forward out of the way so the back area can move into place.  Very nice!



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