Friday, July 13, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Bag End, Banshee, & Biff

I had to share this awesome Official set coming out.  This has some really stunning presentation and creative use of parts.  I think the use of the turntable bases and trans-clear elements  for the window is a stroke of genius.  In addition to three new headgear it looks like we will also be treated to a 4 x 4 round with a 2 x 2 hole! 

Bag End

Pick of the Day

civilian Banshee helicopter
by Drakmin

I really like the curves this technic set presents.  Its a rarity to see such roundness in Lego at all, let along technic, without using bendable elements that is.  I am doubly impressed that there are four rotors that all run off one motor...and that are able to pivot as well!  Correction: The tilting is apparently one motor and the rotation is another.

There is a fun video to go with this MOC that I suggest you watch it you are at all enchanted by this build.

As for becoming an actual set, it has 3000 parts.  That is a considerable quantity.  I imagine that part count would be stripped down quite a bit.  Also, the undercarriage of cockpit just does not mesh well with the rest of the build. 

Honorable Mention

BTTF - Biff Tannen's Ford
by Teambttf

Team BTTF continues to demonstrate their skill with builds and custom minifig design.  I was very tempted to make this the pick of the day, I mean...who does not want a Billy Zane action figure (he is a cool dude!). Also given the BttF track record too, I am certain this project will do well. 

The deciding factor ended up being the height of the ford relative to the minifigs.  It is nearly twice as tall as they are standing.  It is still a beautiful MOC but the size difference tilted the scales for me to the Banshee.  

Remember though, if you like the concept, support the project.  I am sure the excellent Lego designers would do both the vehicle and Team BTTF justice if they got their hands on it. 


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