Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: The space shrimp fighter, the illegal racer, and the expansion to the expandable battlepack

Pick of the Day

Interstellar Salute: HYMEN SHIP
by Talebuilder

This ship is very unique, it reminds me of a robot shrimp.  It uses some interesting snotting techniques and looks very spiny.  Its also a lot bigger than it looks at first.  I think the best shots are from the front so I really suggest you take a look at if form its various angles....Heck, I'll make teh rare exception and just post some of the pics.

Honorable Mention

Renault R30
by Pitrek02

This formula one racer has some really great techniques, Only about half of them are Legal but that is beside the point.  The techniques I really like are the curves Pitrek02 is able to get into the vehicle.

I don't think I have ever seen a severed hand used to hold brick together.  Clever trick.  Absolutely illegal in every way, but a great technique for personal use.


Second Look

Star Wars Combine-able Battle pack(s) Combinatorial Mini Sets UPDATED
by Samiam

I thought this was a good idea when Samiam originally proposed it.  Though I do think the Vader should be ditched from the original, which may or may not be happening... regardless, that is not the point of this "Second Look".

Have you ever noticed how Star Wars has lots of Corridors?  This is a short series of sets that looks to take advantage of that for Star Wars Battlepacks.  As you can see in the picture above, Samiam has added a Naboo scene which depicts a pretty slick recreation of the halls of the palace (is it a palace? can't quite remember).  Very nice expansion on the concept in my opinion.


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