Monday, July 30, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Plymouth and the Snake Boss

Just a quick note, I think it is really lame when people use Tag spam (putting inaccurate tags on a project to show up on searches of popular tags).  If a projects uses this method, then I won't post it here, regardless of how good it is.

Pick of the Day

Plymouth HEMI 'Cuda 1970 Convertible (22-wide)
by Mopar

When I saw the small scale picture of this, I thought it was a model of a car.  This is crazy impressive detailing on this car.  Additionally, the hood, doors, and trunk open.  The open hood reveals some nice motor elements.  Not sure Lego would produce a set with so very many parts but who knows?

Honorable Mention

Ninjago final boss idea
by Kadasbence

Really nice, organic look with this set.  Clever use of the snake head and Jabba element, although I think this would look great without Jabba's booty anyway.

Some aspects of it do look a little frail, structurally.


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