Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: The Cruiser and the NNNewsmobile

The pick of the day was a close one today, out of personal preference for the zany over...well, pretty much anything...but this Polar Cruiser is just too cool (didn't mean that on purpose).

Pick of the Day

Polar Cruiser
by Sebeus

This build is beautiful, functional, and unique.  It has everything one could want in an Actual Lego set, except of course a minifig ;).

This set could pretty much roll out as is and I know a lot of people would be happy with it.  I do imagine that if this set were to make it to 10k that the bionicle elements would be swapped out with something a little more brickish, but, personally I like it as is.

The qualities of this set remind me of the Ambulance, a set that is quietly noble on Cuusoo.

Honorable Mention

NNN Newsmobile
by Davidpickett

David Pickett has finally done something that I was beginning to wonder about the possibility of, and that is to showcase a "crazy" build in a way that is sell-able (to me at least).

There are plenty of projects that I look at that are abstract builds that I KNOW the creator slaved over and loved...but the concept is so abstract that they can't get the point of it across in the five pictures and handful of dialog to 10 people let alone 10k.

This weird vehicle just has so much character though.  Its variability speaks to the awesomeness of Lego too.
The video of the set in action is actually a lot of fun.  I often know these types of projects are doomed though but given the popularity of NNN, this has a real shot.  I would love to see what a professional Lego Designer would do with this project :)

I had head of NNN before had not really watched it.  Wanted to see if it was appropriate subject matter for Cuusoo so I checked it out.  Its just the kind of Zany stuff that I like.  The animation is solid too.  Check it out on Youtube if you got a few minutes.

Honorable Mentions

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