Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Mr.Freeze and the Shuttle Carrier

So, wow, it takes longer to recover from a Lego convention than I really though possible.  I have replaced my memory card reader though so I should have a lot of new photos soon.  Also I have taken on the duties as web-admin/blogger for TexLUG, so I have to divide my attention between these two sites for a couple more weeks.  Once I get the site recoded though my distraction on that site should die down

I am not complaining, I am plugging actually.  :)  If you are in the Texas area I really suggest you try out a couple TexLUG meetings.  There are a lot of really great people in the Texas Lego community.  Heck, you don't even have to be in Texas to participate.  So check it out TexLUG.

Pick of the Day

The Bat-Sled: Mr. Freeze's Ice-Cream Surprise
by Belgiumbrick

This looks like a really fun set.  Not a serious set by any means, a little campier than most of what gets put out, but its got a great theme.

The Part count seems a little high, as is often the case but not by much...this actually follows the model of the Two-Face set pretty well...two vehicles, 5 figures, and a setting.  I think the building is too important as the icing on the building is so much of this project's appeal.  I could see the "Bat Sled" getting turned into something more conservative to compensate. 

Honorable Mention

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
by Rhymn

This is a BIG set, but the space program and Lego have always had a good relationship.  Lego has made giant Boeing aircraft before, and the shuttle here is based on the current Lego model...so its really a question of, are their enough fans? 

Mad Skills!
Marvel Avengers Board Game
by Pekko

 I don't usually every put up games on this site because most people throw a MOC together and say...here is a game with no discussion of game play.  As a big fan of games in a community of serious tabletop gamers I just can't support games whose "creators" have not put down the footwork to get some solid playability.  This is another one of those cases.., but I NEEDED to share this just to show how great of a job Pekko did in making the Avengers mini.  This guy/gal knows their photoshop!

Creator Series




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