Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Studios and the Dark Knight

Yesterday was the first day of  Brick Fiesta.  Not much attendance as the only event is "Set up".  So far what I have seen is spectacular and the list of MOCs is very promising.  I am looking forward to seeing the custom "Alton Brown Minifig.

Regular readers will know that I missed a few days.  I will be catching back up with them shortly.  I figured until all the Brick Fiesta events calm down I should just move forward as I can.

Now for the Picks:
Three sets really hit my radar for the pick today, but only was was really original, and well implemented to boot, so it got the pick.

Pick of the Day

CATAWOL Records Studio One (Music Recording Studio)
by Silentmode

I picked this because it is wholly original and well implemented.  The sounding board and other equipment look accurate, to the extent of my experience anyway. 

Honorable Mention

by Mmccooey

Very impressive MOC.  At its core though, a Batman Lego set has recently been released.  So


Cheers, I am off to start Day 2 by putting my Hammership together!

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