Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey Everybody,

Brick Fiesta 2012 is over, I'm home, the family is settled in, and I am beginning to slide back into my normal routine.  Expect a Daily Cuusoo sometime mid-day.

I have some AMAZING MOCs to share with you all and some interesting tid bits, some from Lego representatives.

I will be updating my Cuusoo presentation to streamline the web access over the next few days, hope you enjoy it.

Brick Fiesta Results
Airship Hammership Glen (me)
Tholos at Legopolis                     Kurt Baty
Halloween Mosaic Mark Bancroft 
Castle of Chenonceau                     Chris Du-Pond
1930 Gangster Town                       Arron Olmsted
City, Small
What-a-burger                             Kurt Baty
Land Vehicle
Yellow car from 1930 Gangster Town       Arron Olmsted
Sea Craft       
Steamship of War - Zavala Kurt Baty
Small Build
Stephenson's Rocket David Hawkings
Devil's Talon                           Justin Vaughn
Space, Large
Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A Lia (Mick) Chan
Tower Crane T.J. Avery
Texas State Railroad at Palestine Tony Sava
Vietnam War Diorama Daniel Siskind
Rook                                     Devon Smith
Group Layout
Youth Creation
Coruscant Underworld                     Nicolas Orosco
Judge's Choice
Castle of Chenonceau                     Chris Du-Pond
Public's Choice
Iron Man (Life Size)                                 Evan Bacon

I will be posting picture of these and other MOCS as time goes on.

General Cuusoo News

Death Knell for Cuusoo Star-Trek 
Looks like no Cuusoo Star-Trek is going to be likely for a long time as Habro has picked up the license and will be releasing brick in 2013.  Here is a link to a teaser trailer and a pic of the ship

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