Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Red Samuri and Blue Gentleman

Pick of the Day

Samurai Mech
by Greg

I was hesitant at first to give Greg another pick since he seems to specialize in this...normally I would give a repeat performance...but I cannot deny that this is the best build for the day in terms of marketability, completeness, and playability. 

Its only serious downside is that, Lego, of course, has recently produced a red Mecha Samuria, but by the time this gets up to 10k it should be a few years removed so no worries.

Regardless, Greg did a great job creating armor effects with the torso and hips area and the sword looks great. 

Honorable Mention

The Blue Gentleman
by Jeroen

Today is full of hesitation...there used to be a modular every day so I became gun shy about supporting them.  All beautiful but oh so many....the wellspring of modular seems to have dried up some...hmm perhaps I should do a Cuusoo Collection on them...well, regardless.  This build is beautiful, and it would be nice to see a modular that is Just an apartment building for a change.

It does however loose point with me in two significant arenas.

First and most sinful: The second and third floors appear identical, and probably are.  I really don't care for that in my modular, give me a little bit of variation each story.

Second: Modulars need internals.  Its what makes them Modulars.  Jeroen has not showcased any of the insides so I must assume there is nothing to see.   So beautiful on the outside...but the inside that counts too. 


The Blue Gentleman
Support Level: 17
Samurai Mech
Support Level: 13
Ice cream van
Support Level: 12
Street Restaurant
Support Level: 8
The Adventures of Tintin
Support Level: 4

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