Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cuusoo Analystic: Days to 10k

Drop out Report

Doctor Who
Super Mario Brothers
Haunted House

The Sandcrawler

Don't really need to qualify this usually but this table was generated from data collected on Thursday night / Friday morning...and posted on the 4 day estimate is 1.5 days old by the time this is posted.

The Droid effect?

I don't post projects until I have at least three weeks of data for them, otherwise I have found them to be too turbulent.  So, I don't have the android project on this table even though it obviously is bolting up the charts.  However, it is interesting to note that this week, the fastest 17 projects all increased their rate of support except one.  That one being the Modular Apple Store.

I don't have enough data to make a conclusive statement but it makes a nice story.  Droid fans are a diverse lot but if there is one common thread that they share it is a preference to the droid and therefore at a minimum a disinterest in iphones and by extension Apple Stores.  Who knows, but interesting none the less.

Don't like how slow a project is going? 

Give it some indirect support to help speed things up.  This link has plenty of examples how.   You can also give your favorite project a guest review. Click on Guest Review on the left column of the page for more info. 

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